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Hi, i'm soon posting some progress an my widebody buidl


I base myself on the plan widebody with the defaut dimensions


But now my problem i have to adapt the cabinet for the playfield (i have to route about 2cm)


Look at the notes I should like black marks just the panel mount or red give a slope? if so how much?


How deep it really should be at the coin door? I have a daughter eight years with not so big hands and should have good acces to the buttons .. the original dimensions of 44mm are too high for me personally ... as shown in the picture there is about  2 cm from the playfield glass


Thank you for your input.


P. S. I know that the panel after adjusting the legs / feet will have some slope.. i i only speak about the flat cabinet




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I did something closer to your red line. If you go parallel then you have a good 20cm of gap, top to bottom, in the back. Go with something closer to 10cm-12cm max, or whatever you feel like. Honestly there's no standard to this. What do you think feels more natural? Go with that

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My screen was 85mm higher at the back when the cab was sitting horizontal for the build.  I then set my rear legs 50mm lower on the cab than the front, so as to raise the cab at the back and give it a traditional forward lean. This final screen angle (135mm higher at back in total) looks and plays perfect for me.


The shape of my cab means that the front of the screen is about 10mm under the glass, while the back is about 90mm.

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