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Hey guys I am a new Pincab owner and purchased a used system that had very little work done in updating the installed VP programs. I have updated to VP 9.9.1, latest VPinMame, DOF R2 and am up to 152 working tables from the original 97. I am still using an older version of Hyperpin that came installed and eventually will move on XPinball once I learn that program. My cab has 8 contractors, 2 LED strips in front, shaker, motor, knocker, plunger and real DMD that are all working fine. I am adding a motion sensor for nudging once I get a controller ordered from ebay for $10 bucks.


I have only 2 things left to figure out on my checklist for this month. Getting DOF to work with newer tables I have downloaded recently by understanding how to config for these games. I thought you would just add "B2S.Server" to the script and download the corresponding B2S file and it would work. I was wrong. :)


I also want to learn how to use two diffent vp.exe's in the same hyperspin install so I can play tables with the Phymod exe. But that can wait :)


Here are the things I have done to date:

  • Been reading a ton of forum posts in vpuniverse.com and vpforums.org.
  • Checked the vp tables folder and made sure there were no ledcontrol.ini and ledwiztoolbox.vbs files etc.
  • Set up an account on http://vpuniverse.com/ledwiz/index.php but do not know my port assignements or what to do next.
Some of the newer pins I have working with feedback that came installed on my cab:

Iron Man, Tron, Avatar etc.


Here are the tables I am trying to get DOF to work on:

24, Avengers, Big Buck Hunter, Batman TDK, Spiderman, Xmen etc.


I have added a few tables recently like Austin Powers and Stern Playboy that worked with DOF ASAP and it was great!


Since I was given no instuctions I really do not know where to start. Any help would be appreciated. If someone has a easy to read, step by step doc on how to setup a new table with DOF that would be great. As well, how do I identify my setting on my Cab? Once I learn how to do one table I will be fine to do the rest. 

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In each tables script (inside of visual pinball) you need to make sure that the line that reads "Set Controller = CreateObject("VPinMAME.Controller")" instead says "Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")."


You'll know you have this right when you right click on the backbox image and an option screen pops up. Sounds to me like everything is installed right so I hope its that simple.


Also, some tables have an option list in the begging part of the script that allows you to change which "controller" your going to use. Just search the script for VPinMAME.Controller and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Good luck and welcome to the madness!

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Hey GF, thanks for the quick  response. I figured out early on to make the change to Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") in the script to make the backglass work and kick in the DOF. I have done this script change for 24, Avengers, Big Buck Hunter, Batman TDK, Spiderman, Xmen and the animated back glasses are working great. It's just the DOF that is not kicking in. Another table I recently added was the older Popeye table, the backglass works, but no DOF.


I was checking out my directoutputconfig.ini file and it was loaded with tables. I saw that Joker Poker was listed so I added that with the backglass, added CreateObject("B2S.Server) and DOF worked fine!


Have you gotten any of the newer tables to work I listed above with DOF? Maybe I am missing something and its an easy fix. We need a youtube video on DOF basic setup and review for newbs like me. Thanks again.

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Haha, that's my problem I have been to the Web Tool, I am not familiar with my Ledwiz settings. I purchased the machine with everything already installed. If you could share with me a step by step on where to pull these settings from and then where to enter them in tool I would appreciate it. I just need help to setup 1 table, then I will know the process and be on my way to setup he other 25 :) Once I have learned the steps I will create a PDF with a step by step for other newbs that get stuck. We need a YouTube video with these steps!

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The person I purchased it from was not the original owner, he did not update anything! Is there a way I could find that out from the existing generated files on my system? I can look in the machine, but I am not sure where to start? There must be a LEDWIZ app that does that diagnostic for you? I am going to contact the owner and see what he can dig up, whoever set this kick-ass system for him must have the details of the ports setup somewhere on their computer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction dude!

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Thanks for the help, I will check out that app and see if I can get my toys mapped out on my own. Typically, what setup would you recommend for assigning the ports?


I have 2 sets of LED strips at the top of the table. Where would you normally assign this since I like the way it works now with the tables that DOF works on? Would that be "strobe" in the drop down list?
I also have a 5 LED flasher on top of the PiN, not sure which port to assign these babies :) The 8 contractors should be easy to select I hope. Shaker, motor and knocker are a piece of cake.
Is there not a default setup that everyone uses when using an 8 contractor, 5 Flasher setup etc?  
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Hey guys, I got a reply back from the original owner and he had setup his public profile on http://pinball.pixelmagic.nl/ledwiz/. Just confirming with the dude, then I will be able to generate a new config file. I think I am off to the races!




Another Q, is there any way to link my L/R Nudge buttons directly to the shaker? I would love to have some force feedback when I hit them.



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Hey guys I have run the directoutputconfig.ini with my port mapping and have copied the file into the plugins\DirectOutput\Config directory after backing up the older file. The ini file is much larger now.


When I launch Hyperpin I still have DOF working on the previously tables that it worked but not on the new ones. I pulled up 24 and hit S on BSD to see if plugins were activated. Here is the sreenshot, it looks good.



I do not have a "Global Config file" file and not sure where to get one or even if I need it.


Can someone here TeamView into my cab and check things out?





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Update, 2 more things I tried today:

I have registered the new b2s.server and add these lines to my B2STableSettings.xml
and also made this change to reflect where my current Visual Pinball.xml is located:
<HyperpinXMLFile>C:\Games\HyperPin\Databases\Visual Pinball\Visual Pinball.xml</HyperpinXMLFile>
I have 2 versions of Hyperspin installed when I set up 9.2 and 9.9 using different databases and launches. This Visual Pinball.xml has all 157 tables etc.
All previous tables that had DOF working are still working, newer tables still are not. I must have an old ini file that DOF is pulling from, not the new one.
Will keep reading and trying stuff!
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Here is my logfile from running LedControlFileTester.exe on my current directoutputconfig.ini file:



Just for fun, I tested the old previous file and got nowhere with that either:



I am even using DOF? Not sure anymore.


Any suggestions on next steps?
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Gentlemen, we have lift off! After finding a sample global config in these forums, I was able to test tables individually and found that some were still missing! I found an old directoutputconfig.ini sitting in my tables folder that had somehow missed my review! I guess DOF was pulling from that file hence why the newer addons were not showing up. DOF is awesome once you get it going, thank you to all you developers in making this great and easy to use tool.


I had one Q for the anyone that can provide a suggestion. The old LEDWIZ port mapping had "extra" on port 16, since this is not Extra ball (since it is already being used on Port 3, I decided to just leave it blank on DOF config since there is no extra dropdown. Any ideas what that "extra" could be or do I need to circle back with the original owner again and ask him?


As well if someone can share a Terminator 3 DB2S file that would be sweet. Happy Thanksgiving all to my US pinheads!

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Regarding what "extra" might be, as arngrim said

"use simpleledtest.exe from ledblinky to trigger the outputs of your ledwiz so you will know what is connected to where, i wouldn't recommend to use dof until you figured it out and have a good mapping"


I don't think is a T3 db2s yet, not sure why :)

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