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!!! WARNING !!!
Flash burns are like sunburn in the eye. A flash burn occurs when you are exposed to bright light sources.
Treatment may include dilating drops, dressing and antibiotics. Flash burns may cause infection, which can lead to vision loss.


Stay Tuned for Further Developments

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That's why "I wear my sunglasses at night"


I'm sorry frenetic, that just won't do . When playing this Halogen Digital Pinball safety should be your main concern ( not how good you look while playing with your sunglasses, LoL ), here are some recommended safety equipment for Halogen Pinball :


whp100.jpg     A Full Safety Helmet  -------  and ------ Cancer Council approved  SPF 50+ for Topper Flare 383104_large.jpg?height=400&width=400

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Watching the video it looks like the playfield slopes the wrong way, enough to make anyone's eyes go funny


Its called the Halogen Slope, its the only way to fit the 500 watt globes without burning the LED screen :P



I feel there's only one thing he overlooked in design :




Pinball Side Mirrors : To give that even distribution of light to all body parts

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As a child, all i wanted to be when i grew up was a Digital Pinball Consultant and i think i can help with an expanded lightshow for the Halogen Digital Pinball rig.

I'm thinking a grinder attached to each of the flippers that would strike the side of the cab and send sparks flying through the room on extra balls and specials.




And maybe a couple of tesla coils either side of him for Jackpots.




And yes there is more , lava lamps on either side of the BackGlass would look very nice.



+ many many more LoL

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Looks like its goin into meltdown! Lol! That's intense!


Yes, rumors are it does run on a unknown nuclear power source


heres some minor planned additions:


2   500 mega watt , direct to eye lazer system

1   Alien Bobblehead

1   Ball Speedometer


and a pic of Gary from the 70's on the wall



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I have asked Youtube User : Fabiana Romeu Genari (Mr Halogen Digital Pinball himself) if he could make a video from his point of view, maybe a helmet camera or strapped on his chest just so we can
all get a glimpse of what it would be like to play his Halogen Digital Pin, i feel the angle of the camera on current video ATM dosen't give us that full feel of its power, awaiting a response.

Fingers crossed. :P

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well i'm already half blind gotta get new glasses every few years so might as well go blinder with pinball!


Hehehe, here in Australia when you say your half blind, It means your getting drunk , so instead of new glasses i recommend 2 or 3 Beers daily to see pinball better lol.


Update :


No response from Youtube User : Fabiana Romeu Genari (Mr Halogen Digital Pinball himself) yet for a new video, I'm going to give him another few days to respond to my request.

If he fails to respond i have :




I will invite him here, to this thread and show him what I'm doing with these scenarios that might follow :


Case 1 : He cusses at me in Italian and threatens to send the mafia out to get me. - This is my preferred scenario as we can really have some fun then.


Case 2 : He never knew about VPU, sees and tries out all the great tables we have here and decides to be a good sport and make the video as requested, so instead of laughing at him with can laugh with him


Case 3 : You never hear from me again :o


Stay Tuned ;)

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In Digital Pinball Expect the UnExpected, there was a Case 4 :


OK , Dammit the Party is over Youtube User : Fabiana Romeu Genari (Mr Halogen Digital Pinball himself) is no more :(  he has redone his machine and it looks really nice.


Check it out for yourselves :



I have invited him to VPU and hope he will join us here sometime in the not to distant future



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Fifteen days.....has it been that long since I was here? Nyah, whatever. My second cocktail has taken effect, so it's all perfect.


This is funnier than two bonobos on one porcupine! Thanks, Mekurri! However it's not a new idea; isn't the direct-to-eye laser on the NTSA option list?

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