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1. I have 868 Tables how do I use this Hyperpin Editor


Can someone do a Remote Desktop please thankxs 










https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49F18B314DAF940E%211889     Hyperpin Editor 32        Download


https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49F18B314DAF940E%211888     Hyperpin Editor x64      Download




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Oh man....  I know someone that is going to have a LONG night getting all that added.


I'd suggest that you just add the game name and the file name to the editor.  Then as you play tables just capture the screenshot of the playfield and backglass bypressing  'o' for the playfield screenshot and 'u' for the backglass.  When you do that it takes a screen shot of the playfield and backglass and automatically places it in the right folder under the correct name.

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Yeah the Game Manager for PinballX is a huge time saver, although you will sometimes have to get a bit creative with file naming to keep it from displaying the wrong BG/PF images for games with similar names (Royal Flush, Royal Flush Deluxe, and Royal Flush Supreme were particularly not fun).  But with that many tables it will still save you a ton of time over Hyperpin, and it will easily import any Hyperpin media packs you already have.

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