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Wheels Needed


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I've noticed a lot of the EM's Phil and I have been doing I can't find wheels for, so I' asking if anyone's interested or has any of these wheels.

I'm trying to keep my cab as updated as possible, you know how it is being OBC...


Bowling Champ  (Gottlieb 1949)
Broadway       (Bally 1957)
Chinatown      (Gottlieb 1952)
Concorde       (Emegar 1973)
Dragon Bob     (Bob)
Flame of Athens(Allied Leisure Industries)(1978)
Flash Gordon   (Rosve version)
Flying turns   (Midway 1964)
FotoFinish     (Gottlieb 1961)
Foxy Lady      (Game Plan)
Frolics        (Bally 1952)
Happy Days     (Gottlieb 1952)
Hercules       (Atari 1979)
Hot Line       (Williams 1976)
Hulk           (Rosve version)
Iron Maiden    (Stern 1981)NEED BETTER
Itchigo's Quicksilver (Itchigo)
KC Jones       (Gottlieb 1949)
Mars God of War(Gottlieb 1981)
Mermaid        (Gottlieb 1951)
Middle Earth   (Atari 1978)
Monster Bash   (Williams 1998)
New Wave       (Bell 1985)
Odin Deluxe    (Sonic 1985)
Palisades      (Williams 1953)
Pinball Universe(Rosve)
Punk           (Gottlieb 1982)
Real           (Game Plan 1978)
Rotation VIII  (Bally 1978)  
Skyway         (Williams 1954)
Space Riders   (Atari 1978)
Speed Test     (Taito 1982)
Split Second   (Stern 1981
Spring Break   (Gottlieb 1987)
Star Race      (Gottlieb 1980)
Star trip      (Game Plan 1979)
Strike         (Zaccaria 1978)
Striker        (Gottlieb 1982)
Superbowl      (Bell 1984)
Supernova      (Gameplan 1986)
Tag Team Pinball (Premier 1991)  
Telecard       (Gottlieb 1949)
The good taste of beer (Itchigo)
World's Fair 1962 (Itchigo)
X-Men le       (Stern 2012)
X-Men Pro      (Stern 2012)


EDIT: I no sooner started this when I got a message at Rogue about someone just made wheels for all the FS tables. Carry on... :P

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I have a few of those

if  you have access to the Hyperspin FTP,  you can download my 900 wheels.


I can't say they are all re draws like my tag-team, but I put most if not all against a black background and cleaned any pixelated wheels I found.


I attached a full list of all my wheels.



ps if you get my spring break wheel how about a link to the FS table   :)  I suck and I was not able to convert the desktop version






My VP wheels list.txt



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New Wheel and Table image download section created.  Fill 'er up!




32assassin - I'm downloading all of your wheels now.  I can do a bulk import into our Wheel download section here on VPU if you don't mind.  The only problem I see is that they are not named to our media naming standards.

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they are named to match the soon to be released Official Hyperspin VP desktop XML.




please do, only reason they where never uploaded anywhere else is because I'm not a fan of sitting through and uploading 1 image at a time.


note that

- not everything is up to quality standards.

- I did not create a large portion of the files,  I don't mind them being uploaded,  but I can't speak for the original authors of the wheels I downloaded form various sources.

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they are in my folder in the Hyperspin FTP, you have to be a gold member to have access to them.



DAZZ, I just deleted the entire folder, and I uploaded a new set,  I have a few new or updated wheels;  I did not keep track of what I've done.


please re download the new set

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