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Monday Night Football (Data East 1989) by Goldchicco & agentEighty6 1.1

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About This File

This is a complete new build based on Allknowing2012 ver 1.1


Big thank you to you to:
agentEighty6 for joining me in this project


Table created in VPX 10.6


What's New:

* New environmental image
* New lights, new lighting
* New physics
* Added nFozzy flippers
* Added Flupper flashers
* Added Insert flashers
* Reworked all the images, cleaned and upscaled
* Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows
* Added missing mechanical sounds and replaced ball rolling sound
* Tuned Slingshots and Bumpers force
* Corrected Rubbers Hit Height
* Added JP's LUT code
* New instruction Cards images placed in the apron
* New Skillshot ramp lights domes primitives
* Repositioned Bumpers correctly
* Added Bumpers Caps screws Primitive
* Changed Drop Targets height so they don't disappear when down
* Added dampeners
* Enhanced lights and bulbs on shooter/kickoff ramp
* Changed pf inserts to bulbs to reflect light onto ball
* Fixed center ramp (was operating opposite of real Table1)
* Correct back wall lights
* Added flashers for top rollover light reflections
* Converted fall through kickers to holes on shooter/kickoff ramp
* Cleaned up upper right ramp area
* Added Fleep sound package - code and sounds added
* Added misc prims (goalpost, top gates, etc.)
* Chg VUK to be more realistic (shoot ball up vs destroy/create)
* Added flasher reflection to back and side walls
* Fixed side walls and FS/DT
* Added metal ramp triggers/code


Still working on the the next update:
'clean up insert shapes - do later
'Create prims for ramps - add at a later time
'Find Better plastics scans


To rotate and select between the nine LUT files press and Hold the LEFT Magnasave and rotate pressing the Right Magnasave.

If you want to adjust sound level try read here, hopefully will help:



Hope you enjoy it and please leave constructive feedback or comments in the support topic and will try to make it better.
All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Permission to Mod: Yes with approval


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