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Barb Wire (Gottlieb 1996) 2.6a

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About This File

I'm very happy to share this table because for the first time it should be truly playable and complete.
Until now the way BigFatso moved in all the previous versions was wrong enough to kill the game's rules and the contact lens toy was missing.
To be clear it plays and looks now far better than expected when I started to rebuild this table 
But don't expect to get one of the prettiest vpx tables: the ressources available for this pinball are very limited and not very good. Also I don't have enough skill to do something really better than that...

I wanted first to make a mod of the previous vpx versions of this table but I finally rebuilt it from scratch.
So this is a "new" VPX version but nothing would be possible without the previous versions made.

This is my first try... To rebuild this table I took some parts directly from the previous versions made (playfield lights, original script, switches,...).

I did a lot of work to redraw all the arts of this table because there is no real scans available. 
So I did the same as the previous autors and tried to take the best from the few pictures available on the net...

Thanks to the previous autors (I won't be able to do anything without their work)
- Destruk and TAB for the VP9 version
- Rascal for the VPX conversion
- Bigus for the MOD and an other VPX version





- Tilt Solenoid (GI) fixed and now accurate (was not 26 but 31. The result is not excatly the same)

- LUTs selection and "LightslevelUpdate" added

- VPM Lights mapping removed and replaced by "JP's VP10 Fading Lamps&Flashers"

- Dome "lit" primitives removed and replaced by "iaakki's FadeDisableLighting"

- Some kicker's ramdomness added (thanks to Thalamus for the trick)

- Some more playfield sharpness by MovieGuru

- Some code cleanups (Manual Ball Control removed)


- Big colision sounds update (sounds added, volumes adjusted, script rewrite...)

- Ball sometime blocked in right ramp fixed

- Many details and small visual improvements

- Script cleanups and performances improvements

2.1 Hotfix

- Ball falling down from left and back ramp fixed

- Tractor updated to be properly displayed

- Contact Lens toy script improved (should be perfectly accurate now)

- Many small cleanups


- Contact Lens toy added and working

- Many arts adjusted/redrawn

- Many details added

- Some materials updated

- Some fixes and improvements


1.5 :

- BigFatso's moves should be now fixed and accurate (the game should be now fully playable for the first time!)

- Plunger bug (disappearing after autolaunch) should be fixed

- Flippers length have been reduced (but even like that the gameplay is still very easy)

- Left plastic ramp has been rebuilt to better match the original one.

- Wire ramps have been fully rebuilt to match the original ones

- Red bumper light L30 added and should work like the original one.

- Targer S14 added

- Playfield flasher F23 added

- Playfield light L57 added

- Playfield light L50 fixed

- Slingshots animation added

- Left Magna-Save button added to access "Tournament"

- GI lights have been changed (not accurate but should look better)

- Some materials have been changed

- Some plastics have been improved again and reajusted

- The playfield graphics has be improved a little again

- A few mechanical parts have been added to look more "real"

- Some fixes everywhere



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