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Bram Stokers Dracula 1.1

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About This File

This is a re-upload from VPinball - no changes has been done from 1.1, which was the last version.


First and foremost. This is just a mod of ICPJuggla' re-creation of BSD.  I absolutely love that game, but, since it was created, VP has evolved and that is why I release this mod.

I orignally started modifying this table privately a long time ago. My main goal was to change its physics to play closer to a machine in Oslo, it was a bit worn, and I wanted to try to get that feeling. In the end though. It has become more or less a blueprint copy of another release. It just plays so much better than what I've been able to create.


This table originally came from FP, by Francisco666 and Rom.  It was converted to VP by ICPJuggla and he had some helpers in great names like Tom Tower, Zany, Ninuzzu, Bodydump and Ezepov.


I haven't worked with any of these, but, instead stolen shamelessly from the following guys especially.

DjRobX : Modulated flashers, and of course thank you for all the magic you do elsewhere.

Rothbauwerw : Hell, most of the stuff that makes me want to release it.

nFozzy : Hope you are doing well, we miss you and your expertise.

Dark : Haven't stolen prims for this table itself, but, tips in forums and PMs for sure.

Fleep : Great collection of sound samples, stolen a few.

Flupper : Totally ripped you code for LUT, and other stuff in forums.

Kiwi : Rolling code and great information in forums.

Schreibi34 : Your prerendered insert images came in handy.

JPSalas : Don't think I used your expertise on this release, but, I've learned a lot from you.

Bord : Haven't done any 3D in this, but, without you sharing your knowledge, I would not have understood a few of the tasks needed.

ICPJuggla and Dozer : For making this great table in the first place.

Voglidacane : Thanks for your LUT collection. I've used it more than once ;)
LOstSOul : Thank you very much for the new playfield !

Robertms : Thank you for the tip about the env image and apron flasher trick for this table !
The VP and VPM devs - without you - this very enjoyable hobby would not exists.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out, but, I fear I might. There are so many great guys in our community, it is hard to keep track of you all, especially since I'm that kind of guy that fixes one thing, then leave it for a long time and then change something else.


BSD is a game where stacking of the multiballs is very important in order to get to those really high scores. Many of you have probably seen this video before, but, I want to  share this video for anyone that missed probably the most exciting IFPA World Championship finals ever.




I urge you guys to try to hold back on activating those multiballs until they are ready. And remember, if all goes to ... you will on the last ball most probably have Mist mb lit. Also, during rats and bats, play fast paced as switches completes those modes and yeah, bumpers are great for that. I've included a altcolor that I prefer to use, and also a nvram with reset HSD.


Since the 1.1 release, a great altcolor mod was released by Redrum



This release will play differently from the original, so a reset seems to me to be the best way to go about it. I personally recommend that you go into the rom and set video mode to a harder level.


I hightly recommend Wildman' db2s for this



IPDB : https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=3072


ICPJuggla, requested that this table was only to be kept on VPinball, I'm kind of breaking that wish by posting it here. If for some reason he comes along and wants it taken down, I will delete it, no questions asked.


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