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Harley Quinn (HauntFreaks 2017) in ultra-mega-real 4k 1.0.0

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(re-upload from 2017)

Harley Quinn (HauntFreaks 2017) supercalifragilisticexpialidocious real 4K
originally diamond lady by JPsalas
Graphics and Layout mod by HauntFreaks
RGB LED effects and F6 menu implementation by Ninuzzu
Drop Target lighting by BorgDog
I am NOT a fan at all of pins with photos, especially on the playfield…
BUT the table looked to me to have good bones, and since JP did the original I knew it was done right… also I’m not really a fan of Harley Quinn (suicide squad was terrible) BUT again she is the Queen of Diamonds and has an overabundance of artwork it was a no brainer to put two and two together… so after editing 50-80+ images for the PF, Plastics and BG… and also altering the tables layout my end of the project was good to go….
after that having Ninuzzu implement my vision of RBG LED inserts, he went above and beyond by adding f6 menu function and a bunch of other opinion goodies…
BorgDog as always bailed me out when i cant figure stuff out myself by adding droptarget lighting…
F6 menu options:
-RGB inserts off and on
-RGB GI off and on
-Ball standard, harley logo, and glow balls
-Flippers standard, and glow bats
 >>>>>>B2S LINK<<<<<<
WARNING!!! Exclusive Fullscreen users!!
this table uses the f6 menu system, before setting the tables default settings turn off Exclusive Fullscreen set defaults then reactivate Exclusive Fullscreen…. if this is a problem , you shouldn’t be using Exclusive Fullscreen in the first place

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