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The Simpsons (Data East 1990) v1.5.1

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The Simpsons (Data East 1990) v1.5.1


Eat my Shorts. 



Options in script for Flyer Poster, DMD & Backglass Reflections, Scratched Glass, Custom Flippers, Blades, Instructions Cards and add and remove the B2S Backglass. etc. LUT Lighting can be changed with manga save buttons.


Recommended B2S by: Wildman 


v1.5.1 - Added brightness options to magna save buttons, added custom instructions and flippers

v1.5.0 - Massive overhall, fixed problem with kicker being seen through cabinet wall, table now a hybrid table, added options to change to desktop, fullscreen. Added new side blades artwork. Added new Mystery lights on DMD.
tweaks to the playfiled and gameplay. Added missing lights on playfield.

v1.4.1 - Added option to disable VR Logo

v1.4 - Added flashed to the Mystery DMD area, with help from Psiomicron 

v1.3 - Added options to remove Flyer Poster, DMD & Backglass Reflections, Scratched Glass and add and remove the B2S Backglass. 

v1.2 - Revisited the artwork and cleaned up and added tweaked 

v1.1 - Tweaks by Sixtoe Deleted left and right rail ramps, left hand lights on layer11 cut to side of cabinet to prevent light bleed, deleted old sidewall primitives, aligned cabinet, wall 298 height raised by 0.1 and plastic 9 & 10 raised by 1 to stop z fighting (flashing, when 2 objects share exactly the same Position), redid GI on the lower slingshots, adjusted DMD, dropped entire cabinet and room -30, made a new back cosmetic back wall, adjusted l85r & l85l, hooked up shooter rod animation, added ultra-minimal switch, adjusted various playfield lamps 

v1.0.1 - VR Room and artwork by Retro27 

v1.0 - Original Table by Herweh 


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