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PinCabView (for Pro Pinball, Addiction Pinball, Slamtilt Resurrection games)

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Aubrel Created by
eMBee & Aubrel Artwork by
Other - Pinball Manufacturer
95 - 1999 Year

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About This File

PinCabView 4.3 by Aubrel


This patch is free and should remain free.
Not for commercial uses!!


I'm happy to release this patch! It will transform completely some old PC pinball games and make them alive again in virtual pinball cabinets.
The main goal is to get a pincab camera view with exported DMD and backglass for these Pinball games:
 - Pro Pinball : The Web (1995 - 1.50p - CD)
 - Pro Pinball : Timeshock! (1997 - 1.07 / 1.20 - CD/GOG)
 - Pro Pinball : Big Race USA (1998 - 1.18 / 1.19 / 1.20b - CD/GOG)
 - Pro Pinball : Fantastic Journey (1999 - 1.07 / 1.20b - CD/GOG)
 - Addiction Pinball : Worms Pinball (1998 - CD / Steam)
 - Addiction Pinball : World Rally Fever (1998 - CD)
 - SlamTilt Resurrection : Demon (1999 - CD)
 - SlamTilt Resurrection : Pirate (1999 - CD)

These games are for now the only ones to be used with this Launcher.


The pack contains :
- PinCabView Launcher by Aubrel
- PinCabView 2.6 ReShade's shader by Aubrel and Ducon2016 (ArcCabView 2.6 with PINBALL options activated)
- ArcCabView Custom ReShade 4.9.1 dll by Ducon2016 and Aubrel (ReShadeMod32.dll)
- dgVoodoo2 2.78.2 dll (ddraw.dll)
- dinputto8 by Elisha Riedlinger used for AddictionPinball games
- OggWinmm.dll by Maximilien Noal used for GOG version of Timeshock


These Pinball games will be all rotated to portrait mode and will run in your main screen desktop resolution with a Cabinet View.
If you have more than 1 screen, the backglass and the DMD should exported to the others screens.
You can launch your games with your main screen set in landscape or portrait mode: the result should be the very same.
This patch doesn't contain any files of these games and won't change them at all (it could be reversed by just removing its files)


As a bonus :
-The 1600x1200 resolution should be unlocked, working and used by default for BigRaceUSA, FantasticJourney, Timeshock, Demon and Pirate.
-All the Timeshock options should be always unlocked in the menu operator.
-The BGM of the GOG version of Timeshock should be mostly fixed (still a few bugs but really improved).
-A standard "coin" mode is now available for the 4 Pro Pinball games (activated by defaut, your clasic game save will be preserved and used when the option is disabled)
-An improved desktop mode is available too with multi screens support too.
-Inputs are improved and standardized, game configuration is set at best.

If you are using standard VPX keyboard keys, some patches are activated by default to bring you native full support with the default game layouts.


General download folder :  https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5ttx0loy7lzfy/ArcCabView



- The launcher will try to find itself the game exe file.
The 4 ProPinball games (gog and latest cd ones), Worms Pinball (Steam and CD), Addiction Pinball (CD) and SlamTilt Resurrection (CD) should be identified directly if the exe names are still the original ones.
(no-cd patched exe should work but often the BGM is removed with them so if you don't have any CD drive it's better to mount the cd image before launch and it's the best way for Timeshock BGM)


- If you have a 2 screens configuration, the backglass will be displayed on it.
    * If your backglass screen is approx 4:3 (ratio < 1.6) the grill will be displayed and the DMD will be put in it.
    * If your backglass screen is approx 16:9 (ratio > 1.6) the grill will be cut and the DMD will be displayed by default in this case in the bottom of the backglass.
    /!\ In this case (16:9 backglass screen and no real 3rd screen)
        - You can change the DMD size and position in PinCabView.ini to put it where you want (DMDPositionX/Y are the DMD top left corner coordonates).
    * If your 2nd monitor is only designed to the DMD and you don't have anything for the backglass, you can set "DMDOnly=1" and also the DMD size/position as needed in PinCabView.ini


- If you want the DMD to be still displayed on the table screen, you can set "KeepTableDMD=1" in PinCabView.ini to get it back on the table screen.


- If you have a 3rd screen (and a 16:9 backglass), the DMD will be displayed on it in full screen size by default.
    If it doesn't match your needs, you can change the DMD size and position in PinCabView.ini to put it where you want (DMDPositionX/Y are the DMD top left corner coordonates).
    /!\ The launcher will try to define your BackGlass screen, if it fails (displayed on your DMD Screen for example) you can force your Backglass screen number with "BGScreenNbr" in PinCabView.ini (you will have to set the true Window's screen number...)


- With All games the view, the DMD type, size and position will be forced, an apron will be added when needed and the best visuals quality and resolution will be set.
For BigRaceUSA, FantasticJourney, Timeshock and SlamTilt Resurrection, the resolution 1600x1200 should be unlocked and used even if your machine don't support it (it's safe).


- Now for "The Web" the view, the best resolution (1024x768@32) and the best visual settings will be set.
If the view selected was 1 to 3 or if you have a single screen configuration, the DMD will be kept in the top of table area.
If the view selected is 4 or more and if you have an other screen for the DMD, the DMD won't be displayed in the table area.
(But unfortunately the visual quality of the table will be still better with the view 1 and the DMD kept on the table...)


- If you want to play in Desktop mode (standard lanscape) you can use the launcher to get the improved features. Just set "Desktop=1" in PinCabView.ini.
If you have a second screen the backglass will be displayed on it and same for the DMD :) Most launcher improvements and features will still be applied.
you can set the ratio as needed using the Table Zoom option in ReShade's UI (home key ingame)


- How these 4 Pro Pinball, Addiction Pinball and SlamTilt Resurrection games are made is not friendly for our pincab inputs.
I did a patch to set them to use all the standard VPX keys and to be able to navigate in the menu with the Shift(flippers) and Ctrls(MagnaS). Just use "PinCabKeys=1 in PinCabView.ini (enabled by default)
With "PinCabKeys" everything is set to be used with the defaut game layout, so if you changed it you will probably have to restore the default keys in the options and restart the game (joystick input are not supported, but you can use joy2key or anything else)


- If you want play the 4 ProPinball games with standard "credit/coin" mode you can set PPCoinMOD=1 in PinCabView.ini (activated by default). Coin key will be keyboard "5"


- You can acces some options in Reshade's UI using "home" key but most of them are set by the launcher and shouldn't be changed.
You can still use it to set the brightness of the table, the backglass, the DMD and the POV factor as you want! :)
If you have made a mistake, just extract again this pack over and overwrite. Everything should be reversed to default.

How to use :
- Extract the full archive in your game directory (same directory as your main game exe). Your game exe name should be the original one (not renamed).
- For the supported games you have to use the launcher "PinCabViewLauncher.exe" included to launch your game
- If needed set PinCabView.ini "PinCabView" and "PinCabView_ADV" options as explain above depending on your configuration
- That's all, it should work :)


Side notes :
- DirectX11 hardware is recommanded (DirectX10 should be working but it won't work on Windows XP or with an old DirectX9 graphic card)
- To play Worms Pinball table using Addiction Pinball game, you have to send the command "WP" or "Worms" to the launcher at start (both games are not supported in the same time when not in desktop mode).
- Quick launch (games start directly) is now always activated when not launched in desktop mode.
- The quick launch won't be activated for the 1st start (BigRaceUSA,FantasticJourney,Timeshock). But it will be used after if the game has been properly closed at least one time.
- Desktop users can send "-q" command to the launcher to start the games directly too (not 1st start for the 3 games listed above)
- With SlamTilt Resurrection, Demon table in 3D view is launched by default. You can send "Pirate" to the launcher to launch directly Pirate table instead ( you can also send the command "2D" if you want the 2D view).
- SlamTilt Resurrection's 3rd view (scrolling 3D) is not supported.
- The Windows DPI-Scale setting for high resolutions should be the same for all your screens.
- In any case the playfield will be displayed in your main screen. It won't work if you set your backglass as main screen.
- Nudge visual feedback is broken with this patch (graphic glitches) and so it has been disabled for all 8 games.
- The launcher won't work with Timeshock Ultra Edition nor any other games than the 8 supported ones :D

PinCabKeys :
- "1" or "F1" => "Start" (repeat to get multi-players)
- "1" => "Yes" (Addiction Pinball games)
- "2" => "Esc"
- "5" => "Coin" (Pro Pinball games with PPCoinMOD)
- "5" => "No" (Addiction Pinball games)
- "Shift"(s) => "Flippers"
- "Shift"(s) => "Left"/"Right"
- "Ctrl"(s) => "Table Select" (SlamTilt Resurrection at table selection screen)
- "Ctrl"(s) => "Magna-Save"
- "Ctrl"(s) => "Up"/"Down"
- "Ctrl"(s) => "View select" (SlamTilt Resurrection at view selection screen)
- "z" or "LAlt" => "Left Nudge"
- "Space" => "Front Nudge"
- "/" or "RAlt" => "Right Nudge"



PinCabView Info / Support :  https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/5494-pincabview-bigraceusa-fantasticjourney-timeshock-theweb-wormspinball-worldrallyfever-slamtilt-resurrection/

PinCabView2D Info / Support :  https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/5744-pincabview2d-most-old-dos-pinball-games-in-your-pincab/
PinCabViewWFS Info / Support :  https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/5903-pincabviewwfs-all-wildfire-studios-pinball-pc-games-in-your-pincab/
ArcCabView/PinCabView shader Info / Support :  http://www.emuline.org/topic/2598-arccabview-display-your-arcade-games-just-as-you-want/

Big thanks to eMBee for drawing most of the aprons currently in use. Awesome job!! :)

Thanks to Ducon2016 and Houb for the amazing "CRTGeomMOD" shader (and thanks to cgwg for the original CRTGeom shader)

ReShade home :  https://reshade.me
dgVoodoo2 home :  http://dege.freeweb.hu

dinputto8 by Elisha Riedlinger used for AddictionPinball games :  https://github.com/elishacloud/dinputto8
Ogg Winmm.dll by Maximilien Noal used for GOG version of Timeshock :  https://github.com/maximilien-noal/ogg-winmm

What's New in Version 4.3   See changelog


Changelog :
- ArcCabView sharder updated to fix a grill display problem in PinCabView
- dgVoodoo2 version included reversed to 2.78.2 (problems found with 2.79 versions)


- With DMD on the 3rd screen the game display will now cover your full 3rd screen even with custom DMD sizes/positions
- DMD background option added (used and displayed only with DMD on a 3rd screen with custom sizes)
"PinCabView\Textures\background_default.png" will be displayed full sized on your 3rd screen, you can update this image according to your preferences.
You can also add "background.png" files in "PinCabView\Textures\GameName\" folders to get a different DMD-Background for each game.


- Default Frame Reflection Intensity decreased (used only with Slamtilt Resurrection 2D tables)
- Option DMD Color added (can be set in-game in Reshade's UI with "home" key)

- Updated to work with last ArcCabView/PinCabView shader version 2.3
- Updated to work with last official dgVoodoo 2.78.2 ddraw dll
- DMD Filter option added in the shader to crop DMD colors below the filter value
- The launcher can now be killed safely to close the game
- Performance mode added and general performances should be improved too
- Option Full_Stretch On/Off added in ini file
- Option Rotated_180 On/Off added in ini file
- Some small changes, fixes and cleanups


- Updated to work with official ArcCabView/PinCabView shader version 1.0a
- POV settings improved for SlamTilt Resurrection 3D tables
- Many small changes, fixes and cleanups


- SlamTilt Resurrection full support added (2D and Full 3D views)


- POV factor option added to improve the perspective as you want (should be set in ReShade's UI with home key).
- The DMD can now be displayed over the backglass if needed. Can help 2x 16:9 screens configurations (use PinCabView.ini to set position and size)
- DMD can now be set again to transparent/intelligent with ProPinball games when used in cabinet mode with a KeepTableDMD or single screen configuration.
- Shader code updated and improved


- Ratio locked to center at max 16/9 option added and now applied for these 6 games (desktop and cabinet).
- Ratio management improved for desktop users
- Apron management improved
- Off limites display fixed
- Shader code cleanups


- DMD display improved
- Shader interface (ReShade UI) improved.
- Timeshock DMD hide issues fixed
- DMD management for desktop users improved
- All games are now using the same preset file
- Desktop mode improved (single and multi screens configurations)
- Standard "coin mode" added for the 4 ProPinball games (Coin key is keyboard "5")
- A 2nd view with DMD hidden is now available for The Web (select view 4 or more in game options, btw the view with DMD looks better)
- The Web settings are now automatized too
- The games are now launched directly (menu skipped) when not in desktop mode (except 1st launch)
- ExeName option removed (game exe name should be the original expected one)
- Steam launch command support removed (not needed)
- No1200p option removed (not needed anymore)
- Launcher and shader codes improved
- Memory game code patch improved, many patches added
- Many fixes and improvements


- Some problems with PinCabKeys fixed
- DMD_off image display improved
- Some small fix and improvements...


- Worms Pinball PC game full support added (Steam and old CD versions including Addiction Pinball)
- World Rally Fever (Addiction Pinball) full support added (old CD game)
- Added brightness settings for the table, the backglass (grill excluded) and the DMD
- DMD_off image added and Backlass_off removed. It's now more clean and more flexible.
- New Aprons for all 4 ProPinball and the 2 Addiction Pinball games (Big thanks to eMBee for the very nice work he did on them)
- ReShade's dll updated to the last official version 4.9.1 for better compatibility
- "ExeName" function improved, Steam support and external commands are now supported.
- Window DPI scale (PPP) issue should be fixed (you now have nothing to do).
- 1200p and exe administrator/compatibility settings issues sould be fixed (no need to remove the exe settings anymore, and the 1200p patch should now work everytime (if it still fails, try to remove your wgame.cfg file)
- The DMD will be now displayed by default in fullscreen area on the 3rd screen if available (and if the ratio of the 2nd screen is approx 16:9. If the BG screen is in 4:3 resolution the grill and the DMD will be still displayed on it)
- A full desktop mode has been added (it supports backglass on the 2nd screen, with or without DMD). Ratio is automated but you can change it in Reshade's UI options with the home key ingame (check Zoom or Scale settings)
- An auto game setup has been added to set them at the best it can from first start (excepting for The Web...).
- PinCabKeys patches have been added to use fully the 4 ProPinball games and Worms Pinball using only standard VPX keyboard keys available in most pincabs (used by default, no joystick support).
- Cheat code added and applied with the launcher to unlock all the options in operator menu of Timeshock (unlocked everytime).
- If you are using the GOG version of Timeshock the best dll I found for the ogg BGM of this game will be used (Maximilien Naol's version, link available bellow)
- Game DMD size fixed for BigRaceUSA and Timeshock in 1280x1024 when using "No1200p" option (FantasticJourney was allready working as it should)
- Desktop users can now play these 6 games with the launcher in your desktop resolution and the best settings will be applied
- Many other fixes and improvements...



First Release

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As I said on the 2D release review, I love it.  DOS/WIN on a cab.  Brilliant.  More please.  Haha!

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