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VR ROOM Sharpshooter - Bally 1961 (10.7)

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47 MB File Size
n/a ROM Name
Rascal Created by
Rascal and VPW Room Artwork by
Rascal Scripting by
Bally Manufacturer
1961 Year

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This is a 1961 Bally Sharpshooter blower powered shooting gallery. Included is a plugin called VPMouseJoystickInput. This game should be played with a gamepad that has a D-pad (pov0) control. The buttons are whatever you have assigned in VP. The D-pad is used only to aim the gun, either flipper button is used to fire. Coin and start are what you have set. You have to unplug all other controllers except for the gamepad you plan to use to play this game. If you have a stubby or plan to play this on a cab, disconnect their usb controls and plug in just the gamepad. This was made more to play on just a pc with one gamepad and a VR headset. Below are the instructions that are included in the zip file. A numpad on the keyboard can be used too as an aiming device. All the outer numbers, but the 5 key recenters VR so that makes it hard to use.


1. Extract the table "VR Sharpshooter - Bally 1961 (10.7).vpx" and "vpmjinput.vbs" into your tables folder.
2. Extract the files "setup.exe" and "VPMouseJoystickInputSetup.msi" to your desktop or somewhere where you know where they are at and can run them, but keep them together.
3. Run "setup.exe" (as admin to be safe) and follow the install directions. You can uninstall this plugin for any reason through add or remove programs. I promise this is not a virus.
4. You should be ready to play. Open the vpx file and play. You should use a gamepad with a D-pad (pov0) you have to assign some buttons for flippers, coin, start, and exit in VP. The D-pad is only used to aim the gun, the rest of the buttons are what you assigned in VP. Fire buttons are either flipper key.

5. There is an option in script at the top to reverse the up and down control of the gun for whatever way is comfortable for you. There is also a option in script to enable a crosshair pattern on the screen to make it easier to aim. Pro's play by feel. ;)

I hope you bother to try it and I hope you like it.



Thanks to the VPW crew for the VR minimal room.



What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


Fixed error.

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