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Tales Of The Arabian Nights Colorization

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On 20.9.2018 at 9:39 PM, adamstillman said:

foaming at mouth.. just a thought.. isnt the jewel on her neck supposed to be red.  like on the playfield??

Yeah, you are right...thank you, going to fix that soon.

Edit: I think it should be something like this:


Edited by NetzZWerg

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Hi All,

I have the pleasure of beta testing this for NetzZWerg, here is a video demoing the colourisation next to the original DMD as well as the table showing game play.  I am still learning the table so hopefully a video with a defeat of the genie will come at some point.

Still some work to be done but I think you will all agree it looks great so far.


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2 hours ago, adamstillman said:

the scene with the girl in the bottle, when its in the treasure room, you have some items in there colored blue.  i think those are stacks of coins...


heres a picture from " another company that colors them things " for "inspiration"


Yeah, I was thinking about coins too, but made it more like bottles lol... but you are absolutely right: should be coins. I will catch that scene again... :-)

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Updated Video, This is the latest beta so a few extra scenes have been added and a few fixes done. Some scenes have introduced bugs that @NetzZWerg is trying to wrestle with.

This video also includes a win against the Genie, dump has been supplied to @NetzZWerg so he can look to colourise that.


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The open beta release is moving really close... this is a compilation of some gameplay scenes displayed on a real Pin2Dmd. The colors look slightly different due to the video recording.

The colors look more like you can see in the playfield reflections. :)


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41 minutes ago, adamstillman said:

looks very nice... what has been the most difficult dmd to color so far?

This is my second try to colorize a DMD so I am still learning...the most difficult part for me is finding the right frames for the dynamic scenes and triggering them right. There are some scenes (for example the camel race or the troll hits for MM) that need a big amount of single frames, because there is no different way possible yet due to editor- or technical limitations. The transitions of the different scenes sometimes change randomly and I did not manage to colorize those yet. I want to do a small tutorial soon, but it is a matter of time as I am concentrating on finishing these 2 colorizations and solving the last transition issues.

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Ready for a Totan weekend?

I decided to let you know what´s happening, so here you go with the first public beta release...

Again I have to mention that this release is not the final version, so you will realize some minor trasition issues and some small trigger failures.
Use this version only for single player games, because you will have issues if you play with more players.
This version is optimized for rom totan_14 but may also work with other versions.

I don´t do that to make profit, but feel warmly invited to send a drink or some flowers for my girl,  that I had to neglect during all the hours I worked on this project. :)

To do so, please hit the tip button in one of my posts.


Download the attached rar file and extract the content into your vpinmame\altcolor\totan_14 folder. Rename the files to pin2dmd.pal and pin2dmd.vni afterwards and you are ready to go. Make sure you have freezy´s latest dmddevice.dll installed and working correctly on your system, also activate the color mode in vpinmame.

Enjoy and remeber to keep an eye on your balls :rolleyes:!


Totan beta 1.0.rar


Thanks to Steve45, Lucky1 and Rappelbox for editor support!

Thanks to Wob for beta testing and helping me to find the missing scenes...your gameplay rocks :-)

And of cause thanks to Flupper for providing that great table!


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