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This is my first physmod conversion and I had help from 85vett on this, I did adjust the physics to suit my taste after he did it, so if anything is messed up I probably did it.

Please let me know how this plays, I'd like to improve on this.


Also known as Toy Paradise. it's like Stern threw as many toys at this game as possible when designing this.

It's been a long process but here we go. Without ever playing the real machine I can't be sure of its accuracy but I've tried to get it close based only on videos.

Thanks to: Rascal, luvthatapex, Javier15, unclewilly, oooPLAYER1ooo, rom, zedonius, dark, ASOT, gtxjoe, ICPjuggla, 85vett, arngrim

They all helped a little and a lot.

Here's a short gameplay video, showing off all the crazy toys:

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