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Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide by TerryRed


Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide by TerryRed

Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide

by TerryRed

Version 3.0, April 2022




The guide is now in PDF format!


  • I have decided to do away with posting the guide "content" directly on the forum (it was just getting so BIG!)
  • instead I have created an all new version that is now formatted in PDF / DOCX files
  • both the Guide PDF and all the FP and BAM Settings files I use with the guide are now included in one zip file!
  • the guide has been completely updated to include new links for all the resources you need
  • added links to my other new FP related guides
  • lots of new info added
  • I now include over 100 BAM Table CFG files that have a perfect POV for cabinet users (for the most commonly popular FP tables)


****** The new Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide zip is attached to the bottom of this post! ******






Future Pinball is a free Pinball Editor created by Christopher Leathley.


  • It has a lot of amazing tables to offer and enjoy for desktop, cabinet or VR users
  • I wouldn’t want you to miss out, so I made this to help you to setup Future Pinball and BAM the right way the first time
  • I hope it’s helpful and you enjoy Future Pinball and all it has to offer like I do


For an EPIC demo that shows off what Future Pinball and BAM are capable of... watch this video (Tron fans will be happy)




Cabinet, Desktop and VR


While this guide was made initially for cabinet owners…it covers all you need for desktop and VR users as well


I recommend always using the Mega-Guide in order, as it is more “up to date” with important details and changes not covered in my videos

  • the Mega Guide covers the initial setup and use for FP and BAM. This is needed for whatever you want to use. (Desktop, Cabinet or VR)
  • other sections are optional features such as Pinup Player, PinEvent, DOFLinx, DOF or front-ends
  • there may seem like a lot of info… but when you cover Desktop, Cabinet, VR, etc… well, there’s lots of info!
  • you can’t just jump into VR or PinEvent or PuP etc without getting FP and BAM running normally first
  • start simple… get FP and BAM and your favorite tables working first… then move on to the more advanced stuff
  • it’s important to use the specific FP settings I show you!
  • This will ensure maximum compatibility with all tables and the best visuals they may offer
  • I have included links for Future Pinball tables at most of the main FP table sites. If I’m missing any, please let me know!
  • Future Pinball and BAM are easier to setup with this guide and use compared to learning everything you need to know with Visual Pinball as a noob
  • I have included a FAQ as well at the bottom of the Mega Guide


NOTE: I update this guide when new updates or info are relevant. Check back regularly for new updates and essential info.






Future Pinball and BAM Installed: Simple… FAST… then PLAY

  • I made two new UP TO DATE video guides
  • one is made only for single screen Desktop users
  • the other is made only for multi screen CABINET users
  • I wanted to do this to show how EASY it is to get setup quickly and be able to play these awesome “new” Future Pinball tables!
  • I use my FP and BAM Mega Guide as the only source, just like you guys would, to completely install FP and BAM and be ready to go in minutes!


The first 15-25 minutes for each video is:

  • the entire install and setup  (which is actually much quicker if I didn’t explain anything)
  • you don’t need to worry about BAM setup as my install files will get you properly setup with BAM and other settings
  • downloading and installing tables
  • it’s really easy guys!


The rest of each video is:

  • explaining the many cool BAM features you can play around with on all tables
  • explaining BAM cfg files
  • how to disable bam settings in table script (if used)
  • show examples for controls, Special 1 for Action/Fire
  • xml files for old tables using LOTR as an example
  • gameplay demos of the latest Star Wars DSA U-Pro, Iron Man U-Pro, and Indiana Jones U-Pro


Everything is bookmarked in the Youtube video description for quick and easy access!








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