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Built myself with my own imagination and fabrication skills. Cabinet was found at a Goodwill thrift store and purchased stripped out, no monitor, rear doors, t molding. legs  and in severely neglected and damaged condition for 14.79. It was a converted Friction arcade game in a Crossfire cabinet. Cabinet was modified to fit a 39 inch led 1080p Vizio purchased at Goodwill for 16.49. Two upper monitors are 1080p each Scepters with desk mounting pole bracket, purchased for 5.00 without power supplies at a yard sale. Two power supplies purchased for 25.00 to power those monitors. The PC driving the build is a Alienware Aurora R7 originally with 8gb memory purchased at a yard sale for 20.00, I upgraded to 32gb memory for an additional 60.00 from eBay. Cabinet was repaired with wood puddy for holes from old security arcade door lock bar and both front corners were missing and rebuilt at a cost of 25.00. The lower front of the cabinet just below the control panel on both sides of the coin door were cut out and 2 Panasonic floor standing speakers from a old home theater system were purchased for 10.00 at Goodwill and mounted from the inside of the cab. A older Logitech subwoofer is mounted under the coin box inside the cab, sourced from my hoarding friends garage for free. I made my own speaker grill covers using thin wood model strips, hot glue and orange canvas fabric purchased from a hobby store for 20.00. Diamond plate was cut and mounted with construction adhesive from Home Depot for 16.00. Orange T Molding purchased for 45.00.  4 cabinet legs purchased from eBay for 12.00. Mini amp mounted to top of coin box inside top coin door to drive speakers for 30.00. Cabinet paint, gallon highest gloss black I could purchase from Home Depot, brushes, rollers, tray, masking tape for 100.00. Both sides of the outside cabinet have black metal channels with smoke plastic covers for led light strips that change color to sound, cost 120.00. Two red led plexi glass signs with the word pinball mount to each side of the cabinet that cost 50.00 total shipped. Inside the rear of the cab is a 45 dollar 10 port 4 USB surge protector power strip. Original cabinet fan was saved but put on a 15.00 power adjustment plug so air flow is maintained without excessive fan noise. LED buttons and zero delay USB controller cost 25.00. All additional wiring and soldering done using all cabinet wires resourced from original arcade game, only cost was solder and flux for 12.00. PC was de-cased and mounted to a plywood board with nylon spacers and other non conductive hardware for 20.00. Rear plywood doors cut and to fit at a cost of zero dollars, a neighbor was throwing away 2 brand new half inch thick plywood sheets. Arcade cam locks added to the 2 rear doors, front coin door and collection door all keyed the same for 20.00. I'm sure I am forgetting other little things like dual sided gorilla tape, black caulking to seal the TV to the sides of the front cabinet, cords, cables, extra illumined buttons and other incidentals. The last time I added up my receipts it came out to roughly 900 dollars spent. 


Myself and my wife fully enjoy it. It took roughly 3 months to fabricate and source the parts for the cabinet then almost 3 months of sourcing tables. I would like to personally thank all the pinball table creators out there working tirelessly to provide us untold hours of enjoyment and nostalgia by keeping this hobby available to all and this 53 year old pinball fan fart. 


If I can do it, so can you.  


Thank you all.



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