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I have a question regarding the ability to test addressable LED matrix DOF outputs.


My goal is to add more creative addressable LED effects that leverage back and side matrix's to tables.  While I've read a lot of the documentation on the DirectOutput github and watched a bunch of TerryRed's videos (including the ones pinned to this forum topic), the most time consuming part seems to be experimenting with different LED matrix DOF commands to fully understand all the effects they do and their full capabilities.  As a result I was wondering if there was a tool or method to test addressable LED matrix DOF commands in real time?


For example, be able to enter the LED matrix DOF arguments like below somewhere, hit a button (that would emulate triggering S1), and see the LED result immediately?  Then quickly make a change, hit a button again, and see the updated result. 


S1 white 100 AT40 AL0 AH10 AW100 AS400 ADU L25/s1 white 100 AT50 AL0 AH10 AW100 AS400 ADD L25


Its my understanding the only way today is to update my directoutputconfigXX.ini file accordingly, reload whatever tool I'm using (currently load a real VPX table), then test.   Is that correct, or is there a faster way to test that I'm missing?



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