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VR ROOM Back to the Future Nitronimbus Mod

Hi guys,


Here is my VR Room for the Back to the Future table - Nitronimbus Mod (based on cyberpez table)

Thanks to @apophis who allowed me to include in the download his awesome Altsound. I strongly advise you to use it !

FlexDMD script I added is made by @scutters, so thanks to him, and thank you to @MikeDASpike for the idea :)

Thanks also to @Sixtoe for the Vr Room Template I used here.

If for some reason, you don’t want to use the FlexDMD, you can disable it at the top of the script (I think after that, you have to check « Use external DMD » - No need to check it if you want to use FlexDMD)


No PuPPack used for this version.

Hope you will enjoy it.




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