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4k VPIN for sale

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I'm selling my full size Widebody cab to make room for another real  machine/ fund a stubby VR setup


Virtuapin WPC widebody / ultrawide backbox flatpack kits with WPC legs/rails and lock down assembly

8th gen I5, 360ti-8gb, 16gb RAM PC with Windows 10 and Pinup Popper front end

43" 4k 120hz Asus ROG Playfield. 32" 1080P HP backbox Monitor 15.4" Full DMD With

Virtuapin speaker panel and custom acrylic overlay.

Arnoz ringmaster with KL25z running Pinscape firmware for I/O / built in accelerometer for analog nudge

Real Tilt bob

5.4" stereo speaker system with 8" Cab Sub Woofer

7.1 Surround sound feedback for lifelike ball /table mech sounds (3x2.1 amps with dedicated 24 volt Meanwell PSU for SSF & primary sound)

Lab Arcade Thunder Clap Coils for flipper mech feedback Replay knocker.
1,164 total addressable RGB LEDs - (138x2 playfield addressable side strips, 768 Middle Addressable Matrix, 2 x 60 under cab addressable strips) - Addressable LEDs powered by a dedicated Meanwell PSU all controlled by an Arnoz Teencab/Teensy 4.0

All button Lamps are 12v LED with dedicated Meanwell PSU

Cointaker Flipper and magna save buttons

Purple "Wizard ball" plunger

Custom "Wizard" art by Stuzza


Full Build log: https://imgur.com/gallery/cjJCzKT


$4200 OBO


Local pickup / maybe could meet up - 4 hours from DFW/OKC/KC/Memphis






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