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I would like to install a pin2dmd on a ghostbusters stern pinball machine (spike system - year 2016).
Has anyone already done it and can you tell me if it's possible in a simple way or if you need technical devices (spacers or other)?
Thank you all

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I've had a couple of people do the install. You will need a clear piece of plexi glass to replace the red one. If your speaker panel is metal you will need a set of standoffs to set the display back a bit. Have a look at he pictures at the link below:




My wiring harnesses use the CN6 12v connector on the power board in the back box. I think you can run the display off of the original DMD power connector but I never have. There seem to be a few different style of this power board but they all see to have the CN6 connector. Sometimes it's tucked between 2 of the big caps.




That's about it. I've been told that the colour files by NetzWerg look excellent. Good luck!


Dino Z.




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