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Updated Lucky files here: https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/7504-new-version-dmd-extensions-with-pin2dmd-coloring-plugin-and-pac-file-support/?do=findComment&comment=64271



Those files will alleviate having to follow the instructions below.  Would recommend updating those files over this solution.  



Edit: Have adjusted the Popper launch script settings based on Kraken's feedback below.  (Thanks again!)


Put this together based on @KRAKEN's direction. (Thanks!)


Here are the steps to have Popper automaticly switch between the needed dmdext.exe & dmddevice.dll based on SERUM and non-SERUM tables


  • Download the attached zip file and extract the FOLDER to your VPinMame folder
  • Copy the SERUM DMDext.exe & dmddevice.dll to C:\vPinball\VisualPinball\VPinMAME\PAC_SerumFlip\SERUM_Files   (SERUM.dll should already be, and should stay, in your VPinMame folder)
    • Make sure you unblock the SERUM files (SERUM.dll, DMDDevice.dll & DMDext.exe)
  • Copy your current/Freezy DMDext.exe & dmddevice.dll to C:\vPinball\VisualPinball\VPinMAME\PAC_SerumFlip\PAC_Files 




  • Open Up Popper Config and go to Popper Setup>Emulators>Visual Pinball X and go to the "Launch Setup" tab @ the top of the window
  • Add the following lines to the Launch Script:
  • If NOT "[CUSTOM3]"=="SERUM" (
       START C:\vPinball\VisualPinball\VPinMAME\PAC_SerumFlip\PAC_Files\PACFlip.bat

    If "[CUSTOM3]"=="SERUM" (
       START C:\vPinball\VisualPinball\VPinMAME\PAC_SerumFlip\SERUM_Files\SerumFlip.bat


  • Click the checkmark to save, then close to exit





  • Now click on the "Game Manager" Tab. find your table you are utilizing a SERUM DMD on, and add "SERUM" (no quotes) to the "Custom  Var #3" field



That should do it!


On launch, if it's not a SERUM table, it will copy your Freezy DMD files to your VPinMame folder. (Does this every time in case the SERUM files are there).  If it's a SERUM table, it will copy the SERUM files accordingly.


Here's an alternate method if you don't use Popper:

  • Download the attached "PAC_SerumFlip.bat" file
  • Backup your existing Freezy DMDext.exe & DMDDevice.dll (just in case)
  • Rename the SERUM DMDext.exe & DMDDevice.dll to DMDextbak.exe & DMDDevicebak.dll and place them in your VPinMame Folder
  • You will need to run the PAC_SerumFlip.bat before AND AFTER you play a SERUM table to ensure that PAC files will work again
  • The file makes a temp copy of your current files, copies the bak's to be currents, and takes the temp copy and makes it your bak(up).



  • If your directories are not the default, you'll need to doctor the bat files and launch script to reflect your paths.  Both approaches should also work in tandem.
  • If you are using "Custom Var #3" for the tables you are trying you are trying to use with SERUM, the Popper approach won't work based on these instructions.





PAC_SerumFlip.zip PAC_SerumFlip.bat

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Great post, the only thing I would change is how you're detecting if it's not a SERUM table.


You're checking if CUSTOM3 is blank to copy the PAC files, but if someone is using CUSTOM3 for anything else and has something in field other than SERUM, it will not copy the .PAC DLLs.

If "[CUSTOM3]"=="" (


So if I run a SERUM table, it will copy the SERUM files over, and then run a table that is not SERUM but has a keyword in the CUSTOM3 field, the .PAC files will not be copied.



What I would do is change it to check if it is NOT SERUM instead of checking for a blank by using the NOT SERUM approach:



This way it will copy the .PAC files if CUSTOM3 is blank or has something other than SERUM.  :)

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1 hour ago, Primetime5k said:

Right again Bub! (Or Bob?)  😉 Will edit accordingly.  

"Evil Bub".  The original animation was the green one (Bub).  I actually edited the original animation to create this altered version 23 years ago!


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Hey, thanks so much for this. Tron Legacy is one of my favorite tables of all time and the color just adds to it.

I will definitely be trying this tonight!

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I had Serum working when I first installed it, but I of course had to play with other peoples version and now can only get Lucky's version to work with crz files.  Seems very strange to me, any ideas?  (I just copy  DMDDevice.dll to dmddevice.dll-lucky or -freezy, then copy one of those back to dmddevice.dll to use that person's dll.   Seemed to work fine, but now I notice that using freezy's dll that it only shows the dmd in the 4 color stuff exactly like without having an altcolor folder for the rom.  If I use Lucky's, it works fine.

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