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Hello I rarely have faulty playfields (see ScreenShot).

it is very rare, but I wonder what is the reason for it?

Does anyone have an idea why and if something can be done about it

dnake for suggestions

VPX 10.73
VPinMame 3.4

pf fehlerhaft 2.jpg

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Hello @timblo - additional information will be necessary to assist with any diagnosis.  Please post hardware specs and ANY recent material changes to either the software (VPX version upgrades, video card driver updates, OS version upgrades, etc) or changes to your system hardware.


Also, is this a new issue which is now affecting tables which previously were rendered properly?  You listed above that you are running VPX v10.73 - have you confirmed the VPX version with which the affected tables were created and tested?  10.73 is fairly recent and some tables may have issues running in this context.


Couple ideas I thought I would throw out...


Thanks and good luck,


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I had this to while reinstalling my cabinet and switching a lot between tables and stuff. 
Copy over table again fixed it, after i was done with the bulk import and testing it never happend again. 

Happend with IMLOB, GOTG and other newer tables for me. 

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