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Hi All, 


I'm a grade 7 teacher who has been integrating robotics, programming, 3d printing and maker space projects in my room for about 10 years.  I see all of these unique learning experiences coming together with pinball.  From game design, physics, 3d printing and math, there really is no limit.  But, the kids have never seen, nor played a pinball, an experience that will hopefully ignite the learning journey.  


The good news is I have a pretty good computer, designed for vr headsets:

intel core i7-8700 CpU @3.20 GHZ 3.19GHZ

Ram 16

64 bit OS on windows 11


Graphics cards:

Intel UHD graphics 630

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080


My computer knowledge is lacking, so what monitor quality would make the most sense for this setup?  From 4K to 1080P with a high refresh rate, I'm not sure what would make the most sense...this is all coming out of my pocket and I'm trying to stretch the dollar but keep the quality high.  I'm also thinking wide body.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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