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Should be a simple one for you peeps.  In relation to PinUP.  I downloaded and extracted PinUPPlayer Install v1.4.5


I am running a desktop PC (1 screen) and I have pretty much successfully got this running with the PUP packs


Just 2 very simple questions:


1.  In VPX I have display settings as 1920 x 1080 (Windowed full-screen) and I do NOT have the force exclusive full screen mode ticked.  However the PUP videos are ALWAYS behind the playfield.  Only way I can fix this is by changing resolution, making the table smaller and squeezing in the videos into another section of the desktop - bit of a pain as it looks a bit messy, not all the same background colour.  


I am guessing one of the problems of running it on a 1 screen desktop PC.  I did see something about tricking your PC into thinking you have more than 1 display - is that only fix?


Only asking in case I am missing something blindingly obvious


2.  Every so often the PUP files stop working / playing and I have to extract the zip contents into the folder again, re-writing over the previous ones.  The PinUpPlayerTestPack does not work when you type in the folder name.  After un-zipped again, all ok.    Anyone else have this problem?  Just in case I am doing something wrong


Many thanks

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I  would add that I tried the download below - I extracted the pupinit_vp_woz_no_front_end_1.1.zip into the ij_l7 PinUp (Indiana Jones) video folder but as soon as I press the mouse on the VPX table to insert credits, the PUP vid disappears behind the table.  I also tried extracting into the VPinMame folder


I am not using the Popper frontend, and guessed this would be the correct zip to use




 would add that I also extracted the zip here into each folder

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