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I have been playing vpx pinball for years on my computer and started running into lag issues once I upgraded to a 4k tv a few days ago.  I was using an ultrawide 34in monitor with a 1080p playfield and the dmd above.  Never had any issues, always very responsive.  Thinking it was the higher resolution, i changed the output on the tv to 1080p, but it was just as laggy (not even a little better).  I thought it might be because of the dual screen setup, but even changing to one screen for the playfield at 1080p didn't help.  I've been searching all the forums for a solution and nothing seems to help (turn vsync off, disable antivirus/defender, set vpx to low end pc, disable all image quality settings, etc.).  Here are my pc specs (keep in mind that it worked perfectly at 1080p before):

-i7 950 oc to 5ghz

-12gb ram

-Nvidia 970 graphics card 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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