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Might be a question for @TerryRed but thought I would see if anyone else knew how to do this, and if not secretly hoping Terry could tell me if it is possible but anyway....here goes.

So I do have Puppacks working in VR. Captures the Backglass image/video that is displayed on "Screen 2" but I have noticed that if a PupPack has an Overlay, like a Frame around the Backglass video it gets cut off. I am assuming this is because PupCapture just looks at the size of what is on Screen 2 and anything on top of it, like an overlay, and it's corresponding size is ignored because it is not on "Screen 2" so Pupcapture doesn't care about it.

The PupPack for Congo is a good example as it has a very large overlay, also LOTR PupPack to a lesser extent depending on which overlay you choose.

So I was wondering if there was a way to essentially "Resize" the capture window that PupCapture grabs or is there a certain way to edit the puppack to make the Overlay the defining screen size area?

Does any of this make sense? LOL

Thanks to anyone that is able to help.


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I think I got this figured out. I'm not sure if just everyone already knows how to edit puppacks to address this but on the odd chance that future generations find this post and don't know I will try to briefly surmise what I did to make this work with PupOverlays.


So basically this can be addressed with Custom positions in the puppack editor. Nailbuster has a great short and concise video here that explains how custom positioning works on puppacks;


So in the case of the few Puppacks I have looked out that have overlays I have noticed that the PupOverlay will be sized at 100x100%. While the Backglass videos and whatever else is supposed to be under and inside the frame of the Pupoverlay will be sized in dimensions that are less than 100%. What this means is that if you, like me, want to get everything to stream into that backbox of the VR cabinet and essentially have the whole outer edge of the "Frame"/Pupoverlay captured and streamed into VR you need to the Custom Position that is on the "Backglass Line" to match the size and position of the Pupoverlay. What do I mean the "Backglass Line"? 

I mean the line of the puppack that is designated "Backglass" This is usually the third line down and usually set for screen 2. Because as far as I can tell the Pup plugin that streams it into VR looks only this line to determine the size and position of it's capture area on your monitor. At least that is where I think it gets the info......I mean it works for me when I change it. So I am talking about this line;



So the pupoverlay line in Congo looks like this;



So do you see how the size and position now matches what is on the line for Backglass? That means that when I run VPX_GL and the pupcapture streams into VR to the backglass it will be of the size and at the position that the Pupoverlay is sitting at. And since all the backglass and topper videos all fit inside that area they will also get captured to the backglass. Hmmm......now that I think if it I supposed your could even position your DMD into this overlay area and it would show up too......not sure if that would look good.


SO there is only one problem some may want to point out......usually the backglass video are assigned to screen 2 and the Backglass line that we are now blowing up to 100% which means the videos will be too large and come to the very edge of the pupoverlay and be obscured by the "frame" around it. Well that is where you can simply re-assign those videos that are on screen 2 to another unused pup screen. As a matter of fact Some of these puppacks are already doing that. Like for congo the backglass vids are on screen 12 and on LOTR I think there is an unused screen 7 labeled "Backglass2" that would be easily reassigned to do this. This thing is that you will need to pay attention to what size and position the Backglass video is set for because I am almost certain that when using an overlay they puppack creators would need to have a set of custom position settings in there in order to make the video set at less than 100% so it will fit inside the overlay. Should be easy to spot and move down to the line that includes the unused screen you plan to use.


I hope this all makes sense, and that maybe it helps someone to understand how much they can really customize the look of puppacks in VPX VR. I hope no one gets  upset if I am talking about stuff that is well known already by the community, I just legit could not find much info to try and do this in VR and spent alot of time playing around and figuring it out for myself and I want to help others save time.


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