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Hello All. First of all thanks for this great piece of Software!


I have an issue, that the majority of the playfield videos (but not all) in Pinup Popper are shown as still pictures, also the ones i created via Autorecord.

This is not the case for backglass & DMD videos, so only for playfield.


So here´s the analysis for the not working playfield videos (MP4):

- Pinup Popper: shows picture

- Windows Media Player: shows video

- VLC 2.2.8 from PinUpSytem Folder: shows picture

- VLC 3.0.18 on other PC: shows video


So looks like a VLC 2.2.8 topic. Does anybody have an idea what to change in the VLC settings to get these MP4 files running as videos?


Thanks so much!

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Thanks, but when I do this and browsing in Popper, after appr. 10 tables  the playfield videos are no longer shown.

Sometimes singular videos for random tables show ap again.
So as indicated by the Wiki upgrading seems to cause issues.


Does anybody have an idea for my initial issue with the still videos under 2.2.8?



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Whoever is is interested:

the proposed solution from nailbuster did not work for me as described above.  So recording my videos with OBS in 3072x1728 and increased cache in VLC 2.2.8 was the solution for me.

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