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Hello DMD Colorization Authors,

I've noticed an increase in people hiding their VPIN colorizations, leaving only Real pin colorizations available.  First and foremost this site is dedicated toward VPINs... and the digital pinball hobby. Honestly, I couldn't care any less regarding Real pin colorizations.  Real pin colorizations are a by-product of being able to colorize for VPINs. ColorDMD has copywrites and licensing with real pin manufactures and IP holders for their colorizations. IP holders are more aggressive towards content for real pins than they have ever been with VPIN. If you are releasing a colorization and not posting it for VPINs... DO NOT POST it for REAL Pins ONLY.  People are using this site to sell their real pin colorizations with no benefit to the VPIN community.  VPUniverse is NOT your market place. 

I will continue to allow real pin colorizations to be posted, but ONLY if there is a VPIN counterpart available to this community and NOT behind a paywall or Private Facebook groups. Links and comments to external downloads will be removed.

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  • Dazz changed the title to IMPORTANT: Real Pin vs VPIN colorizations - DO NOT post a real pin colorization if you aren't posting a VPIN counterpart.

Why posting this here? There is no difference between "VPin" and "RealPin" in Serum? That was just a artifical distinction by Pin2DMD to allow people to sell stuff. 

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