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X-Men VPW Mod... I have black pinballs and various script errors will sometimes appear during loading.  Sometimes I can move past them, sometimes I get a crash to desktop.  I've upgraded to 10.7.3.  The errors sometimes go away when I reboot, but the pinballs remain black.  I have also removed and downloaded the table again, with same issues.  Also, the table would not load in 10.7.2 I would get errors that I could not move past (sorry, I did not document those errors).  I am running a clean install of Windows 11.  All my other tables, including recent VPW tables (ACDC Luici, for example) are working fine.


Here is an error (does not happen every time - it sometimes does not appear if I run the table just after rebooting): 

Fatal Error:  unable to create texture!  E_OUTOFMEMORY (0X8007000E: ran out of memory at) D:\a\vpinball\Sampler.cpp:263


Thanks in advance!!

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^ a table's support thread is the proper place to search for and ask questions for a specific table.

Most likely your errors will be solved by limiting "max texture dimensions" to 3072 and downloading a fresh copy of the table.

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