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X-Men VPW Mod... I have black pinballs and various script errors will sometimes appear during loading.  Sometimes I can move past them, sometimes I get a crash to desktop.  I've upgraded to 10.7.3.  The errors sometimes go away when I reboot, but the pinballs remain black.  I have also removed and downloaded the table again, with same issues.  Also, the table would not load in 10.7.2 I would get errors that I could not move past (sorry, I did not document those errors).  I am running a clean install of Windows 11.  All my other tables, including recent VPW tables (ACDC Luici, for example) are working fine.


Here is an error (does not happen every time - it sometimes does not appear if I run the table just after rebooting): 

Fatal Error:  unable to create texture!  E_OUTOFMEMORY (0X8007000E: ran out of memory at) D:\a\vpinball\Sampler.cpp:263


Thanks in advance!!

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@CaptTripps - please post support issues in the corresponding table's support thread.  For this table, please click the "Get Support" button on the link below.  That said, your issue is apparently caused by your video card running out of video memory.  You have a couple options which you could try - 1.  reduce the elements detail slider in this specific table's options within VPX, or 2.  open the table in VPX and navigate to table...image manager...sort by raw image size...export the larger images and downscale in GIMP or Photoshop, etc.  You may have great success with this option if adjusting the table elements detail slider does not resolve the issues.  One last thing you might consider is running the 64-bit versions of VPX - I have not attempted this myself, but understand that others have done so.  Good luck!


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