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New error message - On trying to start VPX---Visual Pinball 10.7.3 has stopped working Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

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I have no idea of where to start with this situation. I'm thinking to remove VPX and reinstall. Oh and by the way if you get this error, don't wait for Windows to close VPX and send you a solution, that's just not going to happen. Anybody else have this happen. It was as if VPX had a date stamp when to end. Going to look for a error log and will post it if I can get in to find it.


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Crash report VPX rev388 (f6d9f7b)                    Hope I did this right! Here is the crash dump.   Also checked

Process: VPinballX.exe
Reason: 0xC0000005 - EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0023:005E1E92
Attempt to read from 0x1CECE259
Thread ID: 0x2870 [10352]

Call stack
005E1E92 VPinballX.exe (0x0019DE14 0x005443C8 0x069E38E8 0x0019dbec)
005443C8 VPinballX.exe (0x03526030 0x0019DBEC 0x0019DE14 0x00000000)
00556AF1 VPinballX.exe (0x069E38E8 0x00000430 0x00000000 0x03526138)
00559764 VPinballX.exe (0x00010000 0x069F04D0 0x00558C1B 0x0354e9d8)
00558C1B VPinballX.exe (0x00000020 0x0019F3CC 0x0019F2DC 0x034f8088)
005CB4E2 VPinballX.exe (0x0019E910 0x005BD7E1 0x0019F3B0 0x00000000)
005BD7E1 VPinballX.exe (0x0034B000 0x005BCC27 0x00000000 0x00400000)
005BCC27 VPinballX.exe (0x00000000 0x007A77A8 0x0034B000 0x00774070)
005BDD79 VPinballX.exe (0x00400000 0x00000000 0x03463762 0x00000001)
005E62C9 VPinballX.exe (0x0034B000 0x770300E0 0x0019FFDC 0x775b7bbe)
770300F9 KERNEL32.DLL BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x19 (0x0034B000 0xFFFFFFFFCC58443C 0x00000000 0x00000000)
775B7BBE ntdll.dll RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath + 0x11E (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 0x775D8D29 0x00000000 0x00000000)
775B7B8E ntdll.dll RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath + 0xEE (0x005E634D 0x0034B000 0x00000000 0x78746341)

Date/time: 8/2/2023, 13:10:23:106
Number of CPUs: 4
Processor type: 586
System: Windows 10 (10.0 19045)

Memory status
Total Reserved: 68580K (66M) bytes
Total Commited: 263112K (256M) bytes
Total Free: 3862548K (3772M) bytes
Largest Free: 2095468K (2046M) bytes

EAX=1CECE245 EBX=0019D960 ECX=0034E000 EDX=0019D8E4
ESI=00000001 EDI=03544A50 EBP=0019FFEC ESP=0019FFE4 EIP=775B7B8E
FLG=00010202 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

Failed to save minidump.

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@BGood - this type of error is indicative of an attempt to access a protected memory location, and could be caused by several issues.  The first thing I would confirm is that your VPX path location is exempt from any default OS controls AND antivirus scanning (ie:  not in c:\program files and specifically exempted from any AV scanning).  I'm more of an old UNIX guy myself, but you may want to check if any data protection enforcement is in place for VPinballX.exe in your Windows systems and security settings as well.  Unfortunately, to my eye, I'm not finding anything VPX-specific relative to the crash report per the crash file you submitted - it appears that Windows is the enforcement issue here.  Disclaimer:  not a VPX dev, but just happened to see this and thought I would comment...




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Hey Snort2root thanks for the reply. I read a few issues on VPX 10.7.3 and weird  instance of VPX not acting properly after upgrading B2S Server files. Iran a test on pinmame and was told  the MSSTDFMF.dll was lost or moved. That it should be located in Windows 32 file and relocated to windows wow 64 and reregistered. I'm a 78 year old Pinball enthusist with this hobby. In the 7 years in this hobby I have learned a lot but this has me. I have reinstalled VPX 10.7.3, It still won't run. I checked my massive Future Pinball  that I run exclusively in 3D and all is working perfectly. I even reset Windows 10 to an earlier version and that didn't solve the continous crashing of VPX. Next I'm going to update my gpu to a newer driver because I had changed some settings there. This all happened because I was trying to set up my cabinet to run Baller Installer. Now I have like a new reset of windows 10 with a bunch of apps to reinstall (Firefox, Thunderbird etc).  Pin Up System is definatly not going to be part of my cabinet, this is the 3rd time I tried to get it installed and all attemts ended in disaster. Eventually I'll get it even If I have to start over. Thanks for listening. In answer to your answer before I started this Baller Installer adventure I had gone inte Widows and totally disabled Defender. VPX 10.7.3  is located in C:VisualPinball and should be exempted from A/V scanning. Thanks for your concern. I will keep up the good fight and report back on further development. Anybody that wants  to help - don't be shy.





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Here's the latest on this issue - I believed the issue was the disappearance of MSSTDFMF.DLL  I have read on the web that updating drivers can cause this situation with windows. Yup so I ran with this and wiped Windows.( Make sure you have made a rebootable usb of Windows)  - Reinstalled Windows after searching for other op systems that can run my pinball progs (THERE ARN"T ANY). Maybe a virtual Windows machine is the answer, I don't know, could be the next project. Anyway I spent 2 days reinstalling and waiting for windows to update itself . I tried VP and it works except there are some items I have to readjust (dmd extensions) for the dmd, which is probably to reregister. Hope this helps others with problems!

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(B)Good Job! 🙂 - and thanks for sharing your update.  You're correct also about alternate OS from which to run VPIN - there really aren't alternatives, in my experience.  PinMAME can be compiled for NIX, but there are .NET and DX dependencies for VPX with which to contend.  Long ago I designed an arcade around FreeBSD which runs MAME and Daphne (laserdisc arcade games) both of which can be compiled under BSD, and I have VPX running in a WINE construct (WINE is not emulation) which works quite well (funny how NIX devs love recursive acronyms 🙂).  The frontend is a custom Fluxbox window manager which is devoid of any background processes.  The entire system runs within a footprint under 10MB of active RAM at idle and on a fairly old Xeon 5687 processor and nVidia GTX Titan GPU.  I don't recommend this path to anyone who isn't consigned to madness, however! 🙂


Anyway - great to hear of your success, and best wishes in your pinball pursuits!


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Thanks for your attention to my situation. I have developed a dislike for Windows but at the same time all these errors and situations that keep popping up are also learning experiences.

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