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So when I play Guardians of the Galaxy table,usually within the first couple of balls the pup pack dissappears off the backglass and just shows my desktop. I can still play but with no backglass and music. This is the only table it happens on that I've noticed. After it happens, no other pup packs will load on any other tables until I reboot. I have a very good computer running everything and have the latest version of vpx, table and puppack.Any idea why this keeps happening? Could it be the Scorbit? I have a bit more testing to do but I think it usually dissappears and exits when it says "Multipliers are lit".

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So after some more research (playing games ;), I believe it only happens when Guardians of the Galaxy is the first machine i load up once popper starts up. If I play a different table first, gog plays fine. 

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