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Greetings all


As the title says - logged into DOF Config Tool for the first time in a few months earlier today and all my port assignments have disappeared.

My two devices (WS881 [directoutputconfigini30] & PinControl 2 [directoutputconfigini85]) are still listed, but everything is blank for both of them.


Noticed this when I tried downloading the latest config and the zip file was much smaller than previous ones, and also missing the file for my PinControl 2 entirely.


Any chance there they can be restored from a backup server-side?

It's a very long time since I set these up and it will be a struggle to remember what the heck goes where!


If there is no backup, can anyone point me in the direction of how to recreate?  I vaguely recall my Cabinet.xml file might be helpful here...?


Thanks in advance for any assistance!





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