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I've always been a pretty big James Bond fan.  When firing up the current VPX Bond: 

  I'm referencing this table because @timblo has updated the graphics and models.  Thank @marty02  for all his work for sure!!!!    As this table progresses, I hope both these authors merge this table together into a single release.

My real purpose of this thread is to share some work I've done on recreating a backglass in light of what it should be with a Dr. No themed version.  I'm more or less a hacker and don't even know how to create a proper puppack yet, but I do have this one running on my backglass.  I know it's not a perfect recreation of what's on Stern's, but I think it works pretty well and close to original.  Here are the steps I took to create this.

  • create base graphics in Adobe Photoshop
    • yellow background
    • red frame
    • light blue inside red frame
    • lay in some stock photo of a beach with palm trees adding some effects
    • find the Japanese rerelease of Dr No for the main graphics, AI upscale, remove background, and some color adjustments
    • closely recreate the "DR. NO" logo
  • Brought all these graphics into Adobe After Effects
    • laid down all the layers
    • masked the water and added movement
    • added some fade effects
  • Imported After Effects project into Adobe Premiere Pro
    • exported media 4k @ 60fps - no audio


I'll use this thread to update my projects and if I see enough interest, I'll continue and release these videos so anyone can add or create a puppack for them.  On a side note, i love Stern's work. The tables that have been created thus far are not properly named.   This particular table is a Sean Connery/James bond hommage table that I believe should be called "James Bond 007  - DR. NO Pro Edition". or something like that. It's not the 60TH Anniversary Edition.  The Premium Edition of the same base table has a backglass of "You Only Live Twice" and the LE edition is "Thunderball".


I look forward to hearing others thoughts... maybe I'm wasting my time. :P



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