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Hello Community!!!!


I've just installed the new IM_LOTB Original (Iron Maiden (Original 2021) VPW 1.0.2) and I am struggling a lot about the performance of the pup pack.

Actually any pup pack.

The videos flickers, stops, doesn't run totally, in the end, works like a crap. It happens with all the pup packs I have (tron, back to the future, etc)

I have tried everything you could imagine to solve it, unsuccessful. the playfield itself is ok and there is nothing to complain.... nice and smooth.

It is so serious here that I never try any pup pack... because it is not pleasant.


I have a intel i5, 16G RAM, GTX 1070 and I also use the internal graphic card.

playfield and backglass in the GTX and DMD in the internal graphics. (3 screens)

playfield on HDMI GTX (actual)

Backglass on display port GTX (actual)

DMD on display port graphic internal(actual)


I tried to change all the ports with the combination you imagine,

I tried to down low the resolution of the dmd.

I updated all the system

I down graded all the specs in vpx globally and for the table.

my vlc is the 2.2.8(recommended)

The vsync and frames ahead is 1.

the GTX card is all configured to run max performance.

the  computer is all clean and just run the minimal  things.

the antivirus was tested on and off.

The system performance was checked while playing, with no more than 90-94% of usage (graphic and CPU), that means, no bottle neck on the machine.

I tried everything found on nailbuster pup pack troubleshooting.

All permissions and blocked files checked.


Basically the videos in any pup pack don't run correctly....


Any thoughts??? 




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I had the same problem. I installed VLC version 3.0.8 and all my problems disapered. After a couple of tests i figured out that version 3.0.8 is the one that works with all puppacks. Hope it helps.

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Hey Guys,


@outhere always with an useful hint.... I reduced the video resolution  and the problem was pretty much solved, but not for other games that I should do the same.

Then tried @Humberto hint and  boommm a game changer! now the LOTB is running amazingly and all the others I have without the need to resize it!!!!


Thank you so much guys!!!!!


Let's play!!!!!

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