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I don't know if this is the correct place to ask about this.


Today i started fploader like always and it launches future pinball as it always does, but when i try to open a table it just closes future pinball without any error or message.

When i start future pinball directly without fploader it works normally, i can open a table launch it and no problems at all.


Nothing has been changed in my system, no updates in windows have been done, no change in drivers.


I reinstalled BAM and this also does not make any difference,


Yesterday it was working properly and now today for some strange reason it is not working anymore.


Can anyone think if a reason why this is happening ?


Best regards,



I forgot to attach the log from the BAM folder


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Attach the BAM log
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Problem fixed itself appearantly. After waiting a while and starting fploader again all over sudden no problem anymore. I can load tables like always and starting the table with F5 is also working again normally. I guess just the strange behaviour of windows again.

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