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Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb 1977) Music Mod


A beautiful and mysterious cryogenically frozen women needs to be revived by getting the backglass

thermometer temperature to increase and raise her body temperature to 37 degrees Centigrade in Gottlieb's

1977 classic EM table.  


 There would always be a big story to tell about someone's life after being revived from a long cryonic preservation, what their life was like before and then after in very unfamiliar world.  So, I decided with this

table enhancement to use songs with multiple  themes of mystery, attraction, love, loss, life, death and a bit

of magic 🪄  - what's not to like. Songs used are from around the time period (late 60’s through late 70’s)  of the table’s release.


 ***This is based on @iDigStuff's  DIY EM music mod series***

He has created a new method that allows you to apply the music mod add on yourself in three simple steps in a totally nondestructive way.

Meaning this will not affect the original authors

table at all or change any elements!

It can also easily be bypassed or even deleted if you change

your mind and the table will play in its original state.

What is it?

Adds jukebox functionality to the table with custom themed music.

Adds some sound effects to enhance the experience.


Thanks to @bord for giving me permission to make the mod - add on

for his amazing table.




Designed to work with bord's 3.2 version of the table

Get it here:




Video preview of the mod: 




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