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Very new to the VPX world (about 24 hours), but I feel like I've learned a lot tinkering around in just a single day.  Before I forget, some information that might be useful:
Cabinet : AtGames Legends Pinball (I'm using OTG mode, connected to a Windows 10 Desktop)

VPX Version:  10.7.3

ROM Version:  mm_109c
VPX Version:  Medieval Madness BW Mod SG1bsoN.vpx
B2S:  Medieval Madness BW Mod SG1bsoN.directb2s


The table loads fine and plays great.  I have two issues I'm trying to sort out, hoping someone can point me in the right direction :-)


1)  On my backglass, I see the DMD part of the table no problem but I was sort of expecting the backglass artwork as well?  From my memory, the actual table just had a static image surrounding the DMD screen, but are there any B2S files that have even the static image to display behind the DMD?  I'm just looking at the DMD with my desktop wallpaper :-)


2)  The ball, flipper, bumper sound volumes are all normal.  The game music and speech are super quiet.  I realize this is a pretty common issue and my understanding is that this is controlled by the ROM, whereas the "normal volume" effects are not.  I've tried three things to resolve this:
a) Using the VPX settings, I've lowered the "sound effects" to almost the bottom, and made sure the "music" slider is at the top.  This does lower the ball/bumper/etc noises but the music/speech is still way too quiet.  I need to crank my volume up to 100% to hear it, and even at a low level the ball/bumper sounds overpower it and are still way too loud at 100%
b) Opening up the script, I've set all relevant "volume" settings to 0.1, but results were similar to above
c) Followed this tutorial: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=44 
I've bound my hotkeys appropriately.  I do the following.  1. Open Cabinet 2. turn up volume to max 3. close cabinet.  I do see a message on the DMD telling me when the cabinet is open and closed.  I do see a volume bar (green, yellow, red) on the playfield as I increase or decrease the volume.  Unfortunately, this actually doesn't seem to have any effect on the volume at all.  Max or Min, all game audio (music, bumpers, anything) seem to remain the same. 

I also tried  swapping out the rom with mm_109b (and updating the script to select the proper rom), but to no avail.  Open to any suggestions for either of my issues.  Love this table and otherwise it plays great, but I do miss the music, speech and proper backglass art.

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Getting there :-)


I managed to find another VPX which has a nice background image with some flickering lights to go along with the DMD, so #1 is no longer an issue.  For reference, I ended up with this one:


I've made some progress on #2, it's not perfect but better.  Inside the script I've set the volume from "10" to "1", and also cranked down the VPX effect volume slider to almost nothing.  With that, and cranking up the computer volume... the music/voices are audible, though the ball sounds still overpower them quite a bit, just not as much as before.  Setting the script value below 0 (0.1 for example) seemed to have little effect.  Difficult to work on that script from my cab with a small keyboard, perhaps I can look deeper and see if that value just needs to change to a float or something?  

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Welcome aboard!


The VPForums post you quoted definitely is the right way to go - no need to fiddle with the script for volume settings.

Just Press END to open the (virtual) coin door, set the volume with the 8 and 9 keys. The volume settings should display in pixel art on the DMD, not on the playfield. Then press END to close the door again, and - IMPORTANT - press F3 to reset the ROM, thus saving the changes.


As for the backglass, you probably already figured out that you need to download the table and the backglass separately in 99% of the cases.

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Thank you @SixOfTwelve!  I've got it working now :-)


Your comment on the volume showing up on the DMD was what clued me in.  I was actually using the hotkeys I defined inside Virtual Pinball, and had mapped those to my cab buttons.  The "open/close coin door" does seem to map correctly to the ROM, but the "Volume +/-" keys must actually be controlling Virtual Pinball volume (but it doesn't seem to do anything).  Once I used the actual 8/9 keys on my keyboard I could see volume controls on the DMD and more importantly hear changes to the volume.  I had not been using the F3 key to reset the ROM, so thanks for that tip as well!  Now everything is playing great, except me lol!


You're definitely correct on the backglass part.  I've learnt that there is something to the way the backglass file is named as well?  I had one in there that wasn't working, but the filename was completely different than the vpx file and after renaming it to match, it was picked up.



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