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i tested a 24 inch pc monitor, 1ms, 144hz, in cabinet mode if i move head left or right a bit, image changes colour, it doesnt happen if i move head up or down.


If i want to build a 32 inch playfield is it better to choose a tv or a pc monitor, will every pc monitor in cabinet mode changes colours if i move left or right? Thanks.

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it's not  really about "TV vs Monitor" here I'm afraid. It's all about what type of panel tech you end up using as each type has a different behaviour for off axis viewing, colour accuracy, response times etc.  You have:

  • OLED: basically the best out there at the moment. amazing responce times, great off axis viewing... really expensive...
  • TN based LCD: The oldest and THE WORST tech. Avoid (bad responce times, bad blacks etc)
  • LED (IPS): These have THE BEST (non OLED) off axis viewing angles with colour looking good at the sort of ranges you have with a vPIN. they are a little slower in responce time so MAY suffer from some smearing in super fast movement (very dependent on model)
  • LED (VA):Similare to IPS but better contrast, worse viewing angles...

I have a 32" VA panel  mounted at an angle in the cab (8degrees) and the colours are fine.  not the best, but for the money it's bang on... if you look close in Windows the gap is noticable.. but in game it's  great.  So if you can, go OLED... else it's all down to budget but AVOID LED/LCD/Anything based on TN [panel types...

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