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I recently rebuilt / reinstalled the software on my pincab and am doing some bug fixing.  The latest one is recording my playfield from within Popper I get a blank black screen.  Now this is the catch, this ONLY happens when I choose to record the playfield from Poppers backglass menu.  If instead I go into Poppers wheel submenu and choose the record playfield wheel to launch the table, and use the record button, everything records just fine.  Its only when I record from the backglass menu this happens.  And the problem only happens with the playfield -- FullDMD and backglass record just fine from the backglass menu.  


I have a 4K screen.  VPX is running in force exclusive full screen.  I edited PinUPSystem/Recordings/recordstart.bat so that gpu is selected.  


Anyone know what would cause one way to work and not the other?  I'd think both options would use the same scripts.  



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