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I recently tried for the 1st time to use a Bs2 with full DMD. When I did, the DMD overlay showed up in the top left corner in miniature form. 

I have been researching it for hours but need help with some clarification. 

From what I read I believe the problem is in the screenres txt however do I edit the screenres in the tables folder (does this effect all games, or do I make a copy with the table name (not sure how to do this) 


any help would be appreciated. 

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The B2S server doesn't place a dmd, only the backglass and fulldmd 'frame' if if it happens to have one. You must drag your dmd into the frame yourself and size and save. 

Screenres.txt or tablename.res determines the sizes and locations of those two elements- the backglass and fulldmd frame.

If you install the newest b2sserver 1.4.1 it will give you a new right click context menu allowing you to choose from 3 different layout templates.  They are installed in ScreenResTemplates folder under Tables (or wherever you chose to install)

These templates can be (and likely should be) edited with notepad, or ++, to match the actual screen size of your monitor(s) and a basic starting point for backglass size and location as well as fulldmd frame location.  I use a 1920x1200 single monitor in desktop mode and heres an example of the fulldmd template below;



# Playfield Screen resolution width/height
# Backglass Screen resolution width/height
# Define Backglass using Display Devicename screen number (\\.\DISPLAY)x or screen coordinates (@x) or screen index (=x)
# x position for the backglass relative To the upper left corner Of the Playfield screen
# y position for the backglass On the selected display (Normally left at 0)
# width/height Of the DMD area In pixels - For 3 screen setup
# X/Y position Of the DMD area relative To the upper left corner of the backglass screen - For 3 screen setup
# Y-flip, flips the LED display upside down
# X/Y position pos When StartBackground Is active, relative To upper left corner Of Playfield ('Small' Button In the Options)
# width/height Of the backglass When StartBackground Is active
# C:\path\Frame (The path To the location where you have the background image)


Attached is what this looks like on my screen



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