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Putin Vodka Mania

Hello comrade!


With all the things going on about the war i decided to make a new pinball table: "Putin vodka mania" It's a parodie on the old sovjet time.


first of all my round of thanks:
DonkeyKlonk: for the russian callouts 
Tomato: for making the matryoshka doll's texture
Oqqsan: for helping with the spinning bottle
Apophis: for checking the Vuks
joe picasso:for the second wheel
Retrog33k: for the wheel code
testers:joe picasso, Smaug, chugalaefoo(autoplunger idea),bennaboo,Wylte(idea for adding extra sounds and to play with the wheel settings), PinStratsDan for giving feedback after the release.


This is an original table, with everything included in the vpx file, and it doesn't need any external program to run. It can be run in desktop mode and in FS mode. The DMD will rotate accordingly.


About the gameplay:
So i combined old EM point's and sounds mixed in a new format, so it will have both of best worlds old sounds and new sounds. The scoring is low like EM tables only by getting multipliers and a higher KGB rank you will boost up your score really fast.

The main purpose is to defeat all the old leaders to get a shot on defeating Putin:
Rasputin - shoot 4 times in the Saint Basil and he will appear, shoot Rasputin 3 times to complete the mode
Lenin - Shoot 3 times in the Gazprom Lenin pipeline to start, shoot 3 more times to complete the mode
Stalin - Stalin is following the ball in his tank, shoot the drop target and in the bunker to start the mode, then hit 3 times under the bunker to complete the mode
Gorbatsjov - after shooting 6 times in the Saint Basil and you have to steal his nobel price 3 times to complete the mode 
Jeltsin - Have a drink with Jeltsin, after starting shoot 3 times in the left vuk to complete the mode  


After completing the 5 bosses the last boss appears on the screen: Putin.
Shoot the Gazprom Lenin pipeline and shoot the ball in the lane where the green light is active. Putin will appear on the playfield and you have to hit him. Do this 3 times to complete the table. 


Other modes:
Spying - shoot the lane with the satellite dish and you will start spying a continent. shoot that lane again to complete it. every continent will be harder to get because you have to shoot that lane more often.   
D-A - hit the upper in/out lanes
C-Y-K-A - hit/out lanes below
Multiball - shoot 4 times in the old upper old barn to get multiball
C-O-M-R-A-D-E - shoot the drop targets to activate the matryoshka animation and as bonus hit the matryoshka robot spiders for extra points  
B-E-A-R - Shoot the bear 4 times after it starts, a bear will appear on the table, you will have to fight that bear. 
Mutliplier - shoot the Saint Basil a couple of times to get multiplier mode, shoot the hearths to get a multiplier.
KGB level - shoot K-G-B for a additional multiplier
Ruble Jackpot - shoot the 5 buttons on the table for a jackpot
ammunition - your slings have only 20 bullets, after using the 20 bullets you have to get 2 new magazines for your AK again to be able to fire your AK again. 


Putting is spinning like crazy, he's getting pumped up, do you have the balls to defeat him?


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