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Here are a few videos from my work in progress build. Based on the modern Stern pinball design specification, standard 22 inch wide cabinet. Sidewalls are router cut to allow the decased 43 inch Asus 144hz display monitor to embed into the cab for a more lifelike "bezel-free" playfield view:





This is my second Vpin build. My first build was a Williams widebody design with the 43 inch display monitor having "blades" on either side.


Now that I know I can embed a full size 43" 4K display into a standard width cabinet, I would not do a widebody design again.


In person, the embedded playfield is much more lifelike and immersive, and you can still do addressable side strips and LED matrix at the back of the display - which I plan to do as part of this build. I'm currently hooking up the SSF with 4 Dayton HDN-8's and 2 Dayton BST-1's. Happy to share build pics if anyone is interested in this approach.

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Hey Fluffhead, yes. I decased the Asus to allow it to fit and my CNC cutout included routered out sidewalls to allow the decased Asus display (21.75" decased) to fit into the 22" cabinet.

Its surprisingly simple and painless to decase the Asus ROG 43" monitor. First remove the feet and then everything pretty much snaps right off. A guitar pic helps. All the plastic comes off. The bottom of the display is about .25" thicker than the top, so you will need to account for this when you lay it over the routered out side walls. I 3D printed some shims for the right side to make it level.

My first cab was a widebody with the extra space around the left and right of the playfield display. Now that I've experienced the bezel-less display playfield, using the specs for a standard width Stern replica, I would never do a widebody again. This is about as immersive of an experience as it gets in the virtual world.

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Good to know, that a 43" Monitor fits into a standard cab with some woodworking.  Right now, I'm using a 40" Panasonic 4k-TV, which fits perfect without decasing. But 40" TVs seem to become very rare. So this a good alternative/upgrade👍

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On 1/17/2023 at 2:34 AM, vestaviascott said:

Thanks for the comments. I have a full build thread with lots of pics and comments from start to (almost) finish on the Virtual Pinball Chat discord. My username there is 80sOn8. Here is an invite:


Great to hear this - I have a 40" TV in a Standard size cab (custom built) and I would love to step up the screen.

The link below has expired - I already am in 'Virtual Pinball Chat' discord channel but can't find your info. Could you signpost for me please? And what model Asus ROG (if there's more than one).


Many thanks



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