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I know there is TNA and Americas Most Haunted for virtual pinball but there are others. Id love to see the Jetsons even though I heard by some it is boring looking and to play. It just has a childhood feeling as I watched older cartoons like that growing up. I am excited to see what they do with Scooby Doo since they have managed to get great voice actors for it and it looks cool. I did hear the Halloween was not great either from them. Is there any reason we don't have more of their tables? I have only been with virtual pinball for about a year. 

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Spookys system is based off of modified version of PROC. I believe they actually use MPF for development.  We can't emulate their system, but we could run it natively if we had the source of the files.  Unfortunately, we will probably NEVER see source releases.  We have a new version of TNA that team VPinWorkshop is working on.  This is being done with direct input and code from the creator of TNA, Scott Danesi.  If other Spooky games are to be done; it will all have to be manually coded... So odds of seeing accurate Spooky games in digital format will be slim to none, unless we are able to get the source code.

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TNA aside, no one is missing much. Spooky has had their chance being they are now 12 years old and have proven they are bottom of the barrel. I actually was talking to my distributer about getting an Alice Cooper back when, because my father is related to him…I was quite aware that for lack of a better term it is was a shit game….it was more for the lulz and he pretty much insisted on not wanting to even sell one to me. You know it’s bad when a distributer doesn’t even want to touch the damn thing.


I get it though, it would be fun to play around with a virtual if it were “just there for fun”, but I just don’t think anyone honestly cares too much…not many in their collection are worth the time and effort, especially for the reasons Dazz stated. 


To be fair what has been going on for a long time with TNA is super cool…gotta give props on how that has been going down. 

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