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I saw Dazz's post about General not being a catch all.  Not sure if it was my browser or what - but I never saw anything down below this section for specific areas.  I was using Vivaldi and switched to Chrome and saw them.  Came back to Vivaldi and they are there now.  Very strange.  Anyway, sorry for any rules violations.  I can't seem to be able to delete my posts.  Is that possible?

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2 hours ago, Wylte said:

Anyone have a favorite kitchen appliance?  The microwave gets the most use, of course, but my Ninja™ Coffee Bar makes me the happiest.

Lol. Do you own stock in Ninja Coffee Bar?

Or are you making fun of the last post that was here about plus sized clothing?

This is almost as bad as the last person who wrote something about good place to find plus sized clothing , who I then reported as spammer.

Their first post was to ask in this very topic about Plus Size clothing. lol

Just making sure your name was not taken over by a spammer who pushes Ninja coffee. lol

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