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I have all my directb2s files named exactly as the table names.  I have recently just gotten into pup packs and have has some success.  I downloaded the Dirty Harry one and have found an issue.  I don't have a directb2s file for this table ( I do but I have the extension changed so it doesn't load), but VPX pulls in the Dirty Dancing (calm down - it's for my wife lol) b2s file when I play this table.  If I close the Dirty Dancing backglass screen the Dirty Harry one is there.  How do I fix this?  Is it in the pup config itself?  Thanks for any guidance on this.

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42 minutes ago, ahunteje said:

When I do that it asks me to 'Open With'.  Sorry, I am very new to all this.

What Outhere is saying is to launch a table that has a backglass, then move your mouse cursor to the backglass and right click (might take a bit to find your cursor there). Then the info that Outhere shows will pop up and you can click "Exact .directb2s match only" save and relaunch.

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As stated above make sure backglass is running when you right click it.


I wonder if a Hot Key could be added, (integrated into program), to bring this backglass options menu up by just hitting a key on the keyboard?

So there would be no need to right click with mouse.

Maybe be able to access this menu, without having backglass running?

Sounds good, but is it doable?

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Don't know if you have solved your problem or not but I had the exact same issue with the Bond 60th table pup pack backglass being over ridden by the Attack From Mars backglass.


What the issue was is I had a single file in my tables folder with just the .db2s extension, no file name, when I deleted that noname .db2s extension, my problem went away.  So look in the folder where you have your Dirty Harry table for a blank .db2s file and delete it. 

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