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Win7 is EOL, out of support... No security updates, no security patches, no nothing...

If you use your dedicated pinball PC ONLY and forever offline, you can try it.

But better would be win10...

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Not wrong about the updates etc, mentioned. But, well, I see people struggle with things I don't running Win7.

I sometime do access these forums from the cab, but, I of course do not use the machine for anything else than running the cab, and occasionally, download a table from. If that is what you are planning for, Win7 is still a very valid and usable OS for VP,  dare I say, even better.


YES, Win7 is compatible with all current VP software. When that changes, well, that is when I will upgrade - not before.

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Thanks for the answers. The only reason why I would like to stay on windows 7, is because my sound card (which is still a great card) is no longer supported by windows 10.Clearly the pc will never see the network cable. At this point, if you tell me that all vpx software has no problems with win7, I'm quiet.

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