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Hi everybody. I've been gathering everything needed to build my own cabinet for a couple of months now. Just looking at power supplies. I have an Arnoz rig master which is rated at a max 40a 12v and I've got a 12v 50a power supply. Now I'm assuming this will blow the board? But just wanting this confirmed before I go out and buy another. Many thanks.



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Hi,  WHAT board will it "blow"? i.e. what are you plugging it in to?  The Amperage rating is a "max capacity" thing... you can use 12V UP TO 40 or 50A  you'll still need a PSU for the 5V (most Addressible RGB lights, USB Powered stuff), 3.3V (SOME rare stuff) and 6.3V (if using incandecent bulbs)

If you have a normal ATX PSU for the PC you can easily tap that for the 5V output and (depending on your PSU) you should be fine.  As an example I have a 650Watt PSU and the max 5V rail load is 100W (of which i would theoritically peak out at 65Watts)

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Hi paddy,


I'm still pretty new to the hobby to know any specific devices you might be adding into your cabinet, but I should be able to answer your question about the power requirements due to having an Electrical Engineering background.


Like what LegoYoda mentioned, the current amperage rating is more of a "max capacity", in that your allocating 40A to the Arnoz Rig Master and the other 10A on the power supply can be used elsewhere if you wanted to. The Arnoz Rig Master itself WON'T pull 40A constantly either, and will depend on the devices you attach to it. For example, if there were three 12V solenoids rated at 1A each attached to the Arnoz Rig Master, then you would still have another 37A of headroom to work with to add more devices.


Looking at power requirements is more along the lines of what devices are rated to pull in amperage, adding them all up, and making sure this value isn't greater than what the power supply can handle providing. Another rule of thumb with power (if you want to be extra cautious, but it's not required) is to only use up to around 80% of the power supply rating to make sure it's not being over worked. So for this 12V 50A supply you have, that would be 40A max (so just the Arnoz Rig Master alone). Then you can do the same to increase protection on the Arnoz Rig Master as well, and do 32A max on it.


Hopefully this helps to ease your mind!

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