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Hello everyone, I am a complete newbie to Visual Pinball so please bear with me.


I have downloaded the new VP installation files 10.8.0 (also tried 10.7.2), unzipped them to a folder and got the new Stranger Things table along with the media and placed that in the Tables folder. When i run Vpinball.exe i get several script errors as below:-


Starting script

Compile error
Line: 67
ActiveX component can't create object: 'PinUpPlayer.PinDisplay'

Runtime error
Line: 2663
Type mismatch: 'HighScore'

Runtime error
Line: 5421
Variable is undefined: 'cvpmMagnet'


I have also tried other tables and they also script error


Can anyone help me please. Thank you very much in advance



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Check your installation files. there are versions without the script folder I remember. Do you have a script folder full of scripts?

What does "I have also tried other tables and they also script error" exactly mean?

It is possible that you have a basic problem with scripts, or that "just" an add-on is missing. Or both.


To run stranger things you will need Pup Player or Popper installed.


Read the instructions carefully. Watch the Instruction Videos twice. Nailbuster recommends installing Pup Player or Popper only after everything else is working. Tables, Backglass, FlexDMD/dmdext etc. Some of the Versions Nailbuster explains on the page is out of date. (B2S-Server is updated, by example)
If you are new to Visual Pinball and on Desktop only, you may do not need Popper. Its the best Frontend you can run, but it provides a lot of Settings and Stuff you will have to learn so I decided its to much for my Desktop. I do only use Pup Player and a more "easy go" Frontend so I can concentrate to learn the "basics" first.

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