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Almost there... forgot to add ambient shadows to the PF and Plastics, and some final testing and clean up.


Was also testing this on my Steam Deck (using Windows 10), and it looks and play amazing on there (in desktop or vertical cabinet mode).


FP's dynamic cameras are actually very helpful and cool on Steam Deck, and you can add haptic feedback to the flipper trigger buttons... add on-screen touch controls for vertical play, etc).


In VR... all I can say is... WOW!






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The new 1.5 - PinEvent V2 and FizX update is now available!




BAM Edition v1.5

- updates to the table, layout, code, sound, music, items, lighting, models, etc
- removed older items / surfaces / lights no longer used
- adjusted table geometry to allow for better ball flow
- updated BAM lighting and post processing
- updated entire table's G.I. and lighting
- new insert models, lighting, textures, normal maps, decals
- new shadowmaps for G.I and flashers (made to work properly with ray cast ball shadows)
- new FLEEP mechanical sounds
- updated entire table for FizX physics
- added PinEvent V2 support for DOF, SSF, PUP DMD, PUP Stream, TILT BOB, etc
- added TABLE OPTIONS to customize many things on startup, and for performance, etc.
- added new RGB lighting option for G.I.
- added Drain and Tilt Red colour changes to inserts, and added light sequences
- adjusted bumper colours and images to match the PacMan ghosts
- added option to not play intro music
- new RGB flashers (on the slingshots) that change colour to match the game's progress
- new Pac-Man mode! (eat pills, avoid ghosts to eat Power Pill, then hit Bumpers to eat ghosts)
- new Custom Balls for Default, and Pac-Man
- new Speedball mode (hit all Opponent targets, then avoid random Opponent and get the Power Ball)
- new Outrun mode (avoid cars, hit Checkpoint ramp 3 times to change Outrun tunes to complete the mode)
- new marquee images for left sign that change for each tune
- added side rails for cabinet views
- lots of other updates and details I can't keep track of




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